Vendio Site Changes Log

The site changes log contains a description of all changes made to the Vendio Web site and the dates they occurred. The log keeps you informed of all enhancements, system issue fixes, and other changes we normally do not post in Announcements.

Recent changes
Date Area Change
June 30, 2011areas affected 1 ch log 1
January 13, 2009Sales Manager, Listings Enhancement: Paper payment options will not be shown on eBay if items are listed in categories that don't acceept paper payment methods.
December 10, 2008Checkout, Sales Manager Bugfix: USPS insurance calculation incorrect
Bugfix: eBay email address invalid from Customer Manager
Bugfix:Large Vendio Store orders (200+ items) not calculating correctly
November 18, 2008Reviser, Web Hosting, My Account Bug fix: Find & Revise rules involving features fail with "Gallery can not be downgraded" error.
Bug fix: EPP field for domain transfer expanded to 16 characters.
Bug fix: Vendio statement download not working in Firefox browser.
November 10, 2008Sales Manager Bug fix: Vendio item specifics not mapping correctly to eBay.
November 4, 2008Sales Manager, Vendio Store Bug fix: ProPay entry in Vendio Stores not consistent with Global preferences.
Bug fix: Insurance not applied to first carrier if "required"
October 28, 2008Sales Manager Pro Bug fix: SM Pro "per additional item" shipping cost triggering eBay "error 37" on launch.
October 1, 2008Sales Manager, Checkout Enhancement: First shipping carrier free option added to SMME and SMIE (SM Pro not supported in this release.)
September 24, 2008Sales Manager Bug fix: Support for "local pick-up only" listing type through Vendio SMME added.
Enhancement: Send shipping information to eBay automatically based on both Domestic & International shipping carriers defined in the listing.
September 23, 2008Sales Manager, Checkout Bug fix: Custom location shipping not working correctly in Vendio checkout (Canada, Worldwide).
Bug fix: "Start bid" not mapping correctly on import to SMIE.
September 18, 2008Sales Manager Enhancement: Freight Flat shipping type added for non-eBay Motors listings.
September 17, 2008Sales Manager Enhancement: 30 day/GTC duration for eBay and eBay Motors Fixed Price listings.
Enhancement: "Preview as eBay Fixed Price" added to SMIE bulk edit screen.
August 28, 2008Sales Manager, Checkout Enhancement: Specified shipping is now mandatory at eBay. We will determine the eBay shipping type automatically based on entries in preferences if the seller did not explicitly choose a type.
Bug fix: "Free shipping with BIN" not working in Vendio Stores.
July 15, 2008Sales Manager, Sales Manager Pro Enhancement: Return Policy A new checkbox was added below the return policy section in My Account -> Site Specifics -> eBay: "Apply these settings when launching listings that have no Return Policy details specified (created before Return Policy was supported, or launched from SM Pro)"
July 1, 2008Sales Manager Bug fix: Item prices are displaying in US$ even when item is priced in GBP This issue has been resolved.
Bug fix: Sales tax not applied to order when it should be This issue has been resolved.
Bug fix: Mapping PayPal payments with shipping information When users choose eBay checkout and use PayPal, shipping information will be mapped and saved into PAM data (shipping carrier (US, Intl), taxes)
June 23, 2008Sales Manager Bug fix: Calculated insurance option is no longer available to be applied to USPS international carriers except Priority Mail
June 12, 2008Sales Manager eBay International Site Visibility: Support for this feature is now available in Sales Manager.
June 5, 2008Sales Manager Custom locations for International shipping New setting was added which will allow the seller to set different fixed costs for the same carrier when delivering to different locations.
June 2, 2008Sales Manager/Post Sale Feedback related changes:
- Sellers can choose whether to send automatic feedback for order items or not.
- Sellers can now send different feedback messages for each item in an order
- Sellers can send only positive feedback for buyers
May 22, 2008Sales Manager/Post Sale Bug fix - Insurance rates are not current This issue has been resolved.
Bug fix - "No Items to Export" error when trying to export combined order for USPS from 'export shipping' This issue has been resolved.
May 20, 2008Sales Manager/Post Sale Bug fix - functional bug with USPS First Class Mail International calculator This issue has been resolved.
May 14, 2008Sales Manager Bug fix - eBay preview not displaying images and template This bug has been resolved.
May 6, 2008Sales Manager eBay Return Policy support Support for eBay's return policy is now available on the Vendio listing forms.
May 5, 2008Help and Email pages New customer support portal and knowledge base released. Portal will display and save discussion threads with Vendio customer support.
April 8, 2008Sales Manager Support for PayPal payment under review was released.
April 7, 2008Sales Manager eBay Site Specifics "Payment Instructions & Return Policy" was not appearing on listings, despite being selected in preferences. This has been resolved.
"The Shipping Cost must be a valid dollar amount (example 1.00)" appearing despite different values being entered. This has been resolved.
An error "Could not get gallery preferences from db was appearing on preview. This has been resolved.
February 13, 2008Tickets Manager and Sales Manager Previewing items in Tickets Manager returned an error "Custom Item Specific Parsing". This issue has been resolved.

Java Script Error when Editing Ticket Information using prefill from the Event Catalog. This issue has been corrected.

UPS Insurance rates are not displaying correctly. This issue has been resolved.
January 28, 2008Sales Manager and Image Hosting "Click to Enlarge" images posted when preference is disabled: This issue was confined to items listed through the Image Hosting listing form. The issue has been corrected.
Manually adding image HTML does not include "Click to Enlarge" link: This issue has been corrected.
Random SMME inventory behavior issues and errors: Multiple issues related to different browser configurations have been corrected.
January 22, 2008Sales Manager Payment Instructions and Return Policies not appearing on eBay listings. This issue has been resolved.

Listing Preview Error and Gallery Preference Error When selecting to preview, “the shipping cost must be pecified or could not get gallery preferences from db.” error was displayed. This error has been resolved.

January 14, 2008Various System Issue Fixes Preview when bulk relisting: The issue that was causing the preview of an item on relist to interrupt the bulk-relist process has been corrected.
Link to inactive Store in Buyer Appreciation emails: Buyer Appreciation emails will no longer contain a link to a Vendio Store if the Store is not active.
Timeouts occurring on bulk edit actions: The problem with page timeouts when bulk editing items in SMIE has been corrected.
September 17, 2007Various System Issue Fixes Vendio Stores Advanced Search Feature Not Working
Some sellers experienced problems when using the advanced search options in their Vendio Store. The issue has been fixed so all items that fit an advanced search condition are displayed on the results page.

eBay Store Relist Not Working
Sellers experienced errors when trying to relist eBay auction listings as eBay Store listings. This issue has been fixed.

Auto Launch Profile Not Copying Correctly in Sales Manager Inventory Edition Inventory
The copy down function was not working correctly for sellers that were trying to copy auto-launch profiles to different inventory items. This issue has been fixed.

Ability to Import Deleted Auctions into Sales Manager Inventory Edition Added
The ability for sellers in Sales Manager import items they have deleted from their Control Panel has been added.

Incorrect USPS International Insurance Rates Being Displayed
USPS insurance rates for international shipments were not being correctly displayed in sellers’ listings. While the insurance amounts were slightly under inflated, they are now in sync with standard published USPS insurance rates.

Block Bidder Feature Not Working Correctly
International bidders were not being blocked when sellers’ set preference was to ship only within the United States. This issue has been fixed.

Shipping Insurance Not Being Carried Over to PayPal
Buyers who selected shipping insurance during the Vendio Checkout process noticed that Paypal was not recognizing it. This issue has been fixed so that buyer selections, particularly insurance, is carried over to PayPal.

September 12, 2007eBay Category Update Some eBay categories and subcategories were modified to be consistent with changes made to eBay, eBay United Kingdom, eBay Canada, eBay Australia, and eBay Germany.
August 30, 2007eBay Category Update Some eBay categories and subcategories were modified to be consistent with changes made to eBay, eBay United Kingdom, eBay Canada, eBay Australia, and eBay Germany.
July 17, 2007eBay Category Update Some eBay categories and subcategories were modified to be consistent with changes made to eBay United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany.
July 12, 2007Log In Enhancements The login page is now secure and offers a checkbox where the password can be entered once and remembered for 7-days.
July 3, 2007USPS System Issue Fixes The shipping calculator was not displaying correct values for Priority Mail packages over 1 cubic foot in size. This issue has been fixed.
June 21, 2007USPS System Issue Fixes Calculated insurance rates for domestic shipments were being displayed in listings and the USPS shipping calculator was not factoring in the package type when calculating rates. Both of these issues have been fixed
June 8, 2007Successful Integration of Andale's Products into Andale customers can now log into the Vendio Web site to access their services. This major back end project marks the successful integration of Andale's products into and paves the way for rapid future development on Vendio's existing suite of services.
May 29, 2007Consolidated Billing Platform for Andale and Vendio Sellers Vendio's backend billing system now processes payments for Vendio and Andale customers. This marks the first major step in consolidating the redundant platforms.
May 17, 2007USPS System Issue Fixes USPS calculated international shipping rates were inconsistent with the published rates on A fix was implemented so that USPS calculated rates are now consistent with current published USPS international rates.
May 14, 2007USPS Calculated Shipping Change USPS have applied some changes to the way they calculate shipping rates. This update ensures calculated shipping for USPS shipments are consistent with the recent changes.
May 10, 200740 Characters Allowed for new Vendio Usernames The maximum number of characters for a Vendio username was 25. An update was released to increase the maximum number to 40.
May 9, 2007eBay Category Update Some eBay categories and subcategories were modified to be consistent with changes made to
April 13, 2007New Fields Added to Sales Manager Inventory Edition API New fields were added to the SMIE API, including ShippingCost, InsuranceCost, TaxAmount, QtySold, and SKU.
April 12, 2007eBay Category Update Some eBay categories and subcategories were modified to be consistent with changes made to eBay United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany.
April 9, 2007Phone Number Added to Vendio Web Site A phone number was added to all Web site pages to allow existing customers and potential new customers to contact Vendio directly.
March 13, 2007eBay Category Update Some eBay categories and subcategories were modified to be consistent with changes made to eBay United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany.
March 6, 2007Fix to UPS Shipping Calculator The UPS shippig calculator was not factoring the correct oversize package rate. The issue has been fixed to display the correct rate for any size package.
February 19, 2007Shipping Markup Preference Issue Fix The fixed shipping markup specified in a seller's preferences was not being reflected in newly created listings. This issue has been fixed so that the preference is now pulled in.
February 15, 2007eBay Category Update Some eBay categories and subcategories were modified to be consistent with changes made to eBay United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany.