Keeping (up with) the Change

After attending several eBay conferences this year, visiting their offices, sitting on the eBay Developer Council and eBay Business Council, and generally getting insight into the pace of change we are led to expect from them, I’m reminded Marcus Aurelius once said, “The whole universe is change, and life itself is what you deem it.”

While some may desire to hide from changes, those who embrace and understand how to adapt to the changes will be well positioned to grow as an eBay seller while others whither. Similarly, Vendio itself is changing and adapting not only to eBay changes, but also in other ways that will help you take advantage of sales opportunities across the Internet. We are also providing eBay guidance along the way to ensure they enable sellers to adapt effectively to changes.

Generally, satisfying buyers and having buyers know to rate you as being very satisfied will be paramount to success on eBay. I’m reminded that Macy’s always says when handing me a receipt to rate the service as Outstanding if ever surveyed while also indicating how important this rating is to them personally. I’m reasonably convinced that the increase in eBay Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) has less to do with actual process improvements by most sellers and more to do with sellers ensuring they prompt buyers to rate them 5 stars whenever they feel satisfied. Most people are already generally good, after all.

In the near future, eBay will require additional information from you to sell at all on the site. Specifically, as we previously announced, eBay now requires you to specify at least one shipping amount (either flat rate or calculated for an eBay-supported carrier—note, FedEx is not currently supported as a calculated carrier). Return policy and handling times will also become required in the next month. To that end, Vendio has added a default return policy to ensure this important piece of information will be easily provided to eBay when we list items on your behalf. Look for more announcements as we continue to support eBay’s mandatory inputs.

We are working in close concert with eBay to ensure we are adapting to their changes and enabling you to do so seamlessly. Please note that eBay is keenly aware making changes during the holiday selling season is potentially very disruptive, so many proposed changes won’t be seen yet this year. Some rumored changes I’ve read will likely be discarded along the way while others will likely be deferred until after the fourth quarter of the year. So as we move forward, definitely look for announcements that serve as guideposts for improving your business and adapting to mandatory changes eBay may make. In some cases, eBay will change and change back in response to collective feedback. Continue to provide your responses and reaction to them and to us to echo. Witness Lorrie Norrington’s latest announcement on feedback that promises additional methods to resolve issues and remove negative feedback as well as removing the consideration of neutral feedback as actually negative (a seemingly obvious change for most sellers we’ve talked to).

We look forward to helping you stay ahead of your competition and ahead of the change curve in the coming quarters!

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