eBay Search Changes—What you can do to react

At the end of July, eBay’s Jeff King announced the latest series of changes to the eBay finding experience. Significantly, eBay will be limiting the number of items available from a single seller in Search results in two ways:

  1. eBay will display only a single item from a seller even though the seller may have multiple identical items available for sale
  2. eBay will display only 10 unique items from a seller on each Search results page irrespective of the total number of items the seller may have available for sale that would otherwise qualify to be displayed

While these limitations are likely overall healthy for the eBay Marketplace by enabling buyers to see the breadth of merchandise available without duplicate content getting in the way, these limits can impact successful sellers who previously dominated categories or enjoyed high search visibility with multiple items per page through their listing strategies.

eBay warned in the same announcement about their enforcement concerning search manipulation and other creative strategies sellers may employ in an attempt to elevate the number of items they have displayed in search. In many ways, these restrictions shift the optimization available away from the search experience and into the individual product listing page. Now that higher volume sellers can potentially receive a smaller percentage of leads from the overall number of product searches, ensuring buyers understand your size and product breadth becomes that more important from a sales optimization perspective.

To that goal, Vendio Gallery can ensure buyers see ALL the products you have available from the single listing! Rather than risk buyers simply bouncing back to search results to find a similar item from a competing seller, you can keep them on all YOUR listings to increase you sales.

Vendio Gallery is offered Free, and the Premium Vendio Gallery adds a category selector and other features to show buyers even more clearly the breadth of items you have available. Sign up for Gallery Today!

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