Red Flag on Free Subtitles..

On October 1, eBay will begin offering the subtitle option free for items when you use free shipping. This promotion ends at the “end of the year” (which I am assuming is December 31st).

I’m raising a big red flag on the use of this promotion.

If you use auto-relist, have your items scheduled or plan on putting your listing on eBay again, after December 31st, I strongly urge you to make sure you remove the subtitle option from your archived inventory and listings if you do not want to be charged for this feature by launching or relaunching your item once the sale ends.

This goes triple for those of you who are using the new 30-day fixed price duration. The cost of many eBay features has gone up dramatically when using the new 30-day fixed price duration, and subtitle is no exception.

Updated eBay Feature Fees

The cost of using a subtitle for the new 30-day fixed price listings is going to be $1.50 (not $.50), so be very, very, very careful when using this feature (and when moving items from a shorter duration to a longer duration).

Unless you want to pay $1.50 for a subtitle, do NOT select to auto-relist items launched after November 30th. In addition, if you use automatic scheduling and are taking advantage of the subtitle offer, make sure you stop your schedules at the end of the year so you can remove the subtitle option before launching again.

There are additional features that you may use that will cost more with the new 30-day Fixed Price format:

Gallery Plus $1.00 (up from $.35)

Bold $4.00 (up from $1.00-$2.00)

Border $8.00 (up from $3.00-$4.00)

Highlight $10.00 (up from $5.00)

Listing Designer $.30 (up from $.10)

Gift Services $.75 (up from $.25)

Value Pack $2.00 (up from $.65)

International Site Visibility $.35 – $1.00 (up from $.10 to $.40)

Additional across the board changes occurred in the following:

Home Page Featured (single item) was $39.95; it is now $59.95, which is a $20.00 increase for auctions and 3, 5, 7, 10 Fixed price. For the new 30-Day Fixed price Home page featured is $179.95

Home Page Featured (multiple items) was $79.95; it is now $59.95, which is a $20.00 decrease for auctions and 3, 5, 7, 10 Fixed price. For the new 30 Day Fixed price Home page featured is $179.95

Gallery Featured costs go from $19.95 to $24.95 for auctions and 3, 5, 7, 10 day listings, and will be $74.95 for the new 30 day fixed price.

While the pricing increases for these features are in proportion to the time on market, there are some general pricing increases (Gallery Featured and Home Page Featured (multiple items) and one decrease in Home Page Featured (multiple items).

So to reiterate, watch your auto relists and schedules when taking advantage of promotions and keep an eagle eye on your feature fees!

4 Responses to “Red Flag on Free Subtitles..”

  1. Cyn Says:

    This has been a problem with eBay’s promotions of their optional upgrades forever. I’ve been caught in this before with the subtitle promotion and ended up paying the 50 cents on relist. I wonder if there is functionality that could be coded into Vendio to remove optional upgrades upon relist? I have no idea how difficult that might be or if it is even possible.

  2. crystalwells-miller Says:


    What I would do is just user Reviser to add subtitle, this way there would be no chance of carry forward errors. However, I’ll need to check it out myself when the promotion starts so I can make sure folks get credit before I recommend it.

  3. Keywrap Says:

    You know what amazes me is they offer these great fee reductions only to trap you with ridiculous upgrades that people assume are the same price. I was recently “bagged” by the “free subtitle, with free shipping” which for some unknown reason of course did not begin at the same time as the 30 day fixed price listings, and so I was charged $1.50 for the “free upgrade”. And of course the billing is so large you can hardly see it. very annoying indeed.

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