Tidbits from the eBayVerse

A lot of changes are coming rapidly to the eBayVerse and everyone has an opinion. I’ve linked below to a few favorites that got my attention.

Last week, while at Inc.500, I was reading a blog post by Brewsnews. There were sessions going on and the exhibit hall was pretty empty. When I read this post, I burst out laughing, which echoed quite loudly in all that emptiness.

Frankly, I cannot top the headline, it was perfect. The news however, indicates eBay will begin focusing on changing communication behavior.

ColderICE does commentaries on eBay and is an active seller himself. I always look forward to his commentaries, his expressions are priceless. I met ColderIce at the Rocketplace Conference while we were standing at the registration table, and I kept looking over at him, thinking he looked familiar. He started speaking and I recognized him immediately!! I blurted out, “You’re COLDERICE” (which of course, he knew), and he was kind enough not to mention that I totally interrupted his conversation with my enthusiasm at meeting one of my favorites.

This week ColderIce has done a commentary on the eBay Townhall.

On a more serious note, please check the eBay Systems Announcements. Between September 17th and September 19th some items were not indexed in Search. eBay will automatically be providing credits for these items and this has been resolved as of September 22nd. If you noticed your item was not getting activity during this period, it may be that you were affected and will be getting a credit. You should NOT relist these items. How to tell? Unknown.

The new Fixed-Price and Duration for Media became live last week. It’s too early to really see the impact, but we’ll be keeping an eye on it. Vendio is supporting these new changes and if you have any questions, feel free to contact customer support (once you log in, the customer service link is at the top of your pages). Vendio Research will give an accurate picture of fixed price vs. auctions when more data is crunched, but for now, there is not enough data to determine the impact of the new duration.

Just a reminder (live on August 17th), Media Sellers should be using item specifics for condition. The new conditions are Brand New, Like New, Very Good, Good and Acceptable. If you do not use a condition, your item will be defaulted to acceptable.

4 Responses to “Tidbits from the eBayVerse”

  1. Keywrap Says:

    Frankly I believe eBay does their absolute best to over complicate even the simplest tasks. I recently saw the new announcement that if you offer free shipping they will be giving you free subtitles, better placement, and double your power seller bonuses back. However, as usual they overlooked the simplest issue, how about a guaranteed 5 star rating for every item shipped free when the buyer leaves positive feedback? I mean for G-d sakes why the hell is a buyer rating shipping charges on an item I shipped to him for free and leaving less than 5 stars? Maybe the buyers think we should pay them to take the items so even though it was free shipping it still wasn’t cheap enough.

  2. JPJeffries Says:

    Can someone at Vendio find out why eBay does not seem to be supporting the shipping options I select and upload thru Vendio? Since the orange button free shipping promotion on eBay I have attempted to make a list of shipping options with the one I will use free as a fixed $0 option at the head of my list I send out from Vendio. When I review the auction in eBay to click their silly little thing that puts the orange free ship symbot at the head of the auction, I need to make up new shipping options in the eBay interface. annoying. Thanks, jpj

  3. crystalwells-miller Says:

    Hi JP,

    We’ve just recently (yesterday) completed a release that should make this process much easier for you. You should be seeing the correct shipping on your new listings. If you do have any further difficulties, please contact customer support by clicking on the help link thats available when you are logged in. We definately want to hear from you if you are still having any problems!!

  4. Keywrap Says:

    I have noted the same as above. However, I have noted this only when using the three made up blank fields with the first as a $0.00 shipping amount. So if you type the three options out, and use free as the first one the other two will not show. Easy fix is to use the fixed price drop downs. I.e., Select say First Class Mail Fixed and enter $0.00 then select Priority Mail and use a price and finally Express Mail and select a price. That will result in all three prices showing and coming through to eBay. Where as if you just typed these options in Vendios three boxes eBay accepts only the first one and ignores the other two.

    The real question is why eBay is limiting sellers to three possible shipping methods per item when so many options are available to buyers and they should be able to pick the one that best suits their needs.