Best Practices for eBay’s Best Match Score

In order to encourage sellers to create one listing with multiple quantities, eBay has created a system where items have a carry-over “score”, which increases the Best Match search ranking. This score counts the number of unique buyers – The more unique buyers, the higher the carry-over score. In the past, Best Practices included creating multiple listings for additional exposure and with the introduction of the Best Match Score; sellers should look at changing that practice.

For example:
If you had 100 items, in the past, you may have created 10 listings with 10 item in each listing. However, with the Best Match, the best bet is to list 1 listing with 100 items. If you normally sell 10 percent of your items, creating 10 listings with 10 items would result in 1 buyer per listing, which would score a “1”. Creating a listing with 100 items would result in 10 buyers per listing, which would score a “10”. The score is higher creating one listing. The best practices below should result in a higher score, thus increased visibility in eBay’s best match search.

Best Practices for Best Match Score

1. List multiple quantities in one listing. Spreading out listings will decrease future success when relisting. This will also reduce your listing fees.

2. Relist within 30 days. Scores will only carry over for 30 days.

3. Use Vendio’s Scheduler to automate your listings so you do not miss that 30 day window. You can also schedule the number of times to relists, and we fully support GTC.

4. When using GTC and paid features (such as subtitle and buy it now) review the costs, as these have increased.

5. When editing your listings, do not change, the title, the category, the condition or increase the price. These 4 conditions will cause you to lose your carry forward score. Use Vendio Research to determine the best category, keywords for your title and price to avoid having to make these changes.

Auctions still factor in ending times, so you should continue to run auctions as you have in the past.

6 Responses to “Best Practices for eBay’s Best Match Score”

  1. Keywrap Says:

    I would love to know how accurate some of the above data is, and where it is documented. For example the issue of price changes losing their scores, I have searched high and low for any documented information on this “carried over score” issue, and have found nothing anywhere.

    I have noted that for now having more in a listing seems to increase visibility in the search as well. Whether or not that is factual or documented anywhere would also be nice to know.

    I also wonder if this so much a score per item sold or a score per percentage sold. Indicated above a listing with 10 items and 1 buyer scores a 1 for the 1 unique buyer. However, is it not possible that the 10% closing rate is what scores the 1? Therefore leading into the fact that 100 with 10 sold or 10% would net the same “score”?

    Finally, changes, Vendio reviser which would revise tag line words every 10 or so days would seem to ruin the “score carry over”, or am I mistaken? And why would a price change ruin the score?

    I grant you I am not all that familiar with Blogs, and don’t know if people will reply or if the person that started the above would reply. But I would love to know where the information is coming from and how it was documented. Too many rumors float around about how things are done, and we only find out after hours of work that original presumptions were incorrect, or that something was changed that invalidates what we thought.

  2. crystalwells-miller Says:

    Hello Keywrap,

    I took notes during the recent town hall. Unfortunately, I went to the Town Hall Archives, so that I could provide you a link. The September 19th Town Hall has not been added to the archive yet. You can get to the archives :

    I did find a podcast at eBay Radio:

    It is my understanding from the Town Hall, that it is NOT percentage based, but based solely on the number of unique buyers (thus a buyer purchasing 10 at once, counts as 1 unique). As far as the Vendio Reviser, that is an outstanding question that I actually spend 2 hours in eBay’s Live Chat trying to get an answer on revising live listings, but was unable to get an answer. I’m still looking into what happens if you revise the 4 specified items on LIVE items if it loses its “carry forward score”. Gut feeling is that you don’t lose it for revisions of live items, but only on relisted items.

    To definitely clarify, eBay is calling this “recent sales”. I aimed for clarity by calling it a carry forward score.

    The real meat is in the last half of the Town Hall if you want to skip ahead.

    I hope this helps!

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  5. question Says:

    i have applied the auto relist for my fix price listing ( 7 days), for the past few time it work fine and keep to appear on the top of search result. however, it suddenly decrease to 5th position in the featured page. without changing the title, price , condition category.

    does someone know what is happening to my listing?


  6. Vendio_Helen Says:


    I have forwarded your question to our customer team. They will get back with you shortly.

    Best, Helen