What is the Future of eBay Stores?

Many of you have eBay stores, that you use to drive additional sales, and you may be wondering what is going to happen with your eBay stores.

Recently, eBay introduced 30-day Fixed Priced listings for a flat insertion rate of $.35. Separately, eBay has eliminated the Store’s Inventory format for their UK and Italy sites, which has eBay US Store owners wondering if they are next.

If you have following the changes in the UK over the past year, you may have noticed that the UK site seems to be a testing ground for changes that eventually populate to the US site.
In a nutshell, this change for UK means that the store items are moved to Fixed Price with varied fees, and the store items will be available as fixed price items in the core site.

If (it is NEVER certain what will occur) this change occurs on the US site, Vendio sellers should make sure they use their Research to understand the cost and implications, remove obsolete inventory (and we’ll do another post in the future on handling obsolete inventory), and determine the items which they want to move to the core eBay market.

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