eBay reduces workforce..and more

Here’s the Monday Morning Catch Up News..

eBay has reduced its workforce by 10% globally in an effort to “improve our operations and streghten our ability to continue investing in growth”.

Additionally, they have acquired a US based payment business Bill Me Later, and a classified site in Denmark.

In other news, there is a new eBay Pulse page

PESA last week released a position paper that focuses on the eBay marketplace.

News from Vendio – Vendio Research now supports eBay Motors Parts and Accessories.

Vendio supports the 30-day Fixed price options – Make sure you read the post about Best Match and 30 day Fixed Price. This should help you make the correct listing decisions.

Reminder – In previous eBay announcements, you may recall that checks and money orders are not allowed. In January, you will need to revise your descriptions to remove any mention of checks and money orders, so if you are already editing. eBay has a great checklist for these changes.

Keeping up with everything might make you feel like a hamster in a wheel going into the holiday season, so don’t forget to take a breathe now and again and de-stress !!

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