Sellers “gaming” most watched items in New eBay Pulse?

eBay released a new eBay Pulse as we noted a couple of days ago. I reviewed it today and found these to be the most watched items:

eBay Pulse Most Watched Oct 9, 2008

Interestingly, 9 out of 10 are either fixed price items or classified ad format (and only one has bids). Why are these items being “watched” at a high rate instead of just purchased? Either eBay’s system is generally busted, or some folks have figured out how to inflate the number of “watches.” Would inflation only help in getting increased views from eBay Pulse or more generally (e.g. from having watch counts figured in Best Match search or other item sorting)?

Either way, eBay Pulse appears broken.  Note also that as of this writing Internet Pulse, Most Popular Searches, and Biggest Movers were all blank in the New eBay Pulse (displays no items “archived for selected day,” which appears to be true no matter what day you select).

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