eBay Changes – 10/13 Monday Morning Recap

My head is spinning – I find I want to share what’s going on in the eBay world with the Vendable blog readers, and by the time I get the paragraph written, there are more changes. So until these changes stop occurring so rapidly, I’ll do a Monday Morning Recap of the previous week…for those who like the news in one chunk.

Okay – here is the nitty-gritty nutshell version of the recent changes:

1. In the UK, eBay will require DVD sellers to ship FREE domestically.
UK has in the past proven to be a testing ground; it may be coming to the US soon in some form or another. Be it unintended or not, it means a seller is now paying final value fees on shipping too.

2. Feedback Revision will be launching soon. In a nutshell, you are able to contact a buyer who has left negative feedback in an attempt to resolve any outstanding issues (which, to me, seems to be a buy off – as there is no incentive for a buyer to do this except a refund or cash back) – There is a limit of 5 requests per 1000 feedback in a 12 month period.

3. As part of the same announcement, eBay will be messaging buyers when leaving DSRs if the seller has offered free shipping. Sellers have been complaining about offering free shipping and still getting less than stellar DSRs for “shipping cost”.

4. Enforcement of the Shipping and Handling Policy will be pushed back until after the holiday season. For those of you who took time off from listing to make all the changes at least you are a bit ahead in the policy department.

5. Maximum Shipping changes should have rolled out last week in Books, DVD, Movies and Video Games.

Perhaps with the holiday season underway, there will be limited actual changes, and more announcements of upcoming changes to lessen holiday season impact? Here’s hoping !!

One Response to “eBay Changes – 10/13 Monday Morning Recap”

  1. Larry Ringer Says:

    You are so right about the changes being made at ebay and most of them do not help the small vender like myself. First came no negative feedbacks can be posted by the seller. A big mistake since the number of non paying bidder alerts I have to file has gone up considerably since this change. Now coming up on OCT 20th, I can no longer accept money orders leaving my buyers who do not have Pay Pal or a Credit Card left out to dry since they can no longer bid on my auctions. What a surprise that EBay now owns Pay Pal.

    I believe the time is right for a another auction sight for us to list are items on and I believe Vendo should spearhead this movement. You already have the customer base from ebay. I would be interesting to here your thoughts on this.