Unique Way of Looking at SEO

Every now and again, I run into something that is done in a unique manner that really grabs my attention. ColderICE seems to find that often. His blog posts on this industry quite often make me smile, but his latest addition “The SEO Rapper” truly is a unique experience. While, not a fan of rap, I loved this. It is relevant and pretty darn good for a dry subject that isn’t really rap material. Enjoy

3 Responses to “Unique Way of Looking at SEO”

  1. John Says:

    Thanks for dropping by and checking us out. There is some redeeming quality still left in hip hop I guess :-)

    john (ColderICE)

  2. mayhemchaos Says:

    Chuck (SEO Rapper) and I just finished up a new song! Check out the teasers: http://www.mayhemandchaos.com/blog/css-king-and-the-seo-rapper

  3. Issac Maez Says:

    Haha!!! Excellent work! Those dudes at your competition (you know who) don’t even have a clue! Keep it up!