Easy eBay DSR Fixes

If you find your DSRs tumbling, it may be time to reinvent the way you do business on eBay. Here are a few quick fixes. If you have a 4.3 or lower in ANY area of your DSRs, your eBay account is in serious jeopardy.

1. Re-write your item description. Be concise and be clear. Don’t get caught up in writing 10 pages of description. Bullet the product highlights and make sure any flaws are clearly pointed out. The easier you make it to read the easier it is for the buyer to completely understand what they are buying.
2. Take more than 1 image. It is more important than ever to make your customer comfortable and happy. Unless you are a seller who uses Pre-Fill (eBay Catalog), taking multiple images of your product eliminates buyer doubts. Additionally, it does show that you think enough of your product to highlight it.
3. Offer Free Shipping. I know, this is not possible in all categories or classes of products. If you are unable to offer free shipping, consider splitting shipping or offering a discount. If you do pay shipping or pay a portion of shipping..Make it clear to the buyer. Don’t assume that they know that their item cost you $25.00 to ship and you only charged them $10.00.
4. Send an “Item Sent Email”. Send your buyer an email when you ship the item. It lets them know when to expect it. If the post office is slow, they will be assured that their item is on the way. If you are getting a lot of “where is my item” emails, this is a good method to assure you customers ahead of time.
5. Friendly up your policies. There are 489,000 ads running on eBay right now that have “I leave negative feedback” – Since a seller can no longer leave a negative, there is no sense in being threatening. If your policies are outdated, too long, too harsh. Consider a re-write. Too many sellers base their policies on 1 or 2 bad buyer experiences.
6. Leave Feedback first. Start your transaction out on a positive note and leave positive feedback when you are paid. You can’t leave a negative, so there is no sense in holding feedback.
7. Enjoy what you are doing. If you are reading this blog, it’s likely you’ve spent some time reading all the negatives about selling online and particularly about eBay lately. When you are surrounded by negative, it is hard to keep a positive mental attitude, and the lack of enthusiasm bleeds into how you react to customers and how you present yourself in general.
8. Paste Lightening Bolts to your shoes. Ship quickly. Nothing impresses a buyer more than quick shipping. If at all possible, get the package out the same day its ordered. Don’t let an order sit around. I know there are some sellers who only ship 1 or 2 days a week. Try and adjust so you can ship with more frequency. It pays off in buyer satisfaction.
9. Include an invoice. If you are offering free or reduced shipping, make sure you include an invoice in your packaging. Get a big red marker and circle the reduced shipping. Make sure the buyer knows you’ve paid for some or all of the shipping. Pen in a thank you – It won’t take but a few seconds, but it shows you care.
10. Remove Bad Inventory. Don’t try selling inferior products. If your vase is chipped, and it is not a super rare item remove it from your inventory. There is no sense in attempting to sell inferior merchandise. There is accounting for obsolete inventory and shrinkage for this reason. (hint-Don’t try and recoup damage from the customer, try and recoup it in your taxes.

Disclaimer so you won’t yell at us!! We know not all of these will apply to all business, but hopefully..there are some tips you can use.

One Response to “Easy eBay DSR Fixes”

  1. Beth - www.AuctionWoman.com Says:

    That’s a great list of tips you posted!

    I have a different opinion on the free shipping though.

    Yes, eBay is offering certain perks for free shipping – free sub-title or what-not.
    However, for me personally, in order to give “free shipping” and still make the profit I am aiming for I would have to then up the cost of the product itself. Then my potential buyers may go the other way because the other seller has a lower price (with paid shipping).

    I find it best to at least charge something – and like you mentioned, I do note it on the packing slip sent to the buyer.

    I also include a separate note thanking the buyer for a purchase and explaining that my goal is to provide them with “5 star customer service” – hint, hint.

    - The Auction Woman