eBay Changes – 10/20 Monday Morning Recap

Here’s the Monday Morning Recap of eBay Changes this week (and here is hoping there is nothing to talk about next week!!)

First up is the October 15th Announcement, which is really 4 announcement in one (you know it spells trouble when changes are coming in bulk!)

1. New Look for Product Pages – Its strange how things come around. Media items are grouped by condition, which is the half.com (a company that eBay bought and buried) model. Sellers, please make sure you are using item specifics and selecting condition for media items (the default will be the worst condition.

2. Free Subtitles for Media items begins – Please take a moment to read the previous blog post about using Subtitles – it could save you some $$$$$$

3. Introducing Featured First, a New Listing Upgrade – Featured first replaces Gallery Featured – $24.95 for up to 10 days, and $74.95 for up to 30 days. A few things to note about this upgrade..its not a guarantee that you will ever be featured and its only available for sellers who have not been demoted in DSRs. I have no idea what score “demoted” represents – its not one of the dashboard options. So, definitely get clarification before investing in Feature FIrst.

4. Best Match for Store Inventory Format Listings in Search Expansion Box – I had to read this one about 10 times before I understood it. First, Best Match will now be the default search for Store Inventory and second they will increase the number of store items displayed in normal search results from around 30 to 50.

5. Relist Credits for Fixed Priced listings ending. Auctions still qualify.

On October 17th eBay announced that for multiple quantity listings (Fixed Price), they would no longer display the quantity available if it was over 10, they would instead display “more than 10″. I’m guessing that there was unintended consequences of reducing buyer demand because there was a lot of supply. Hmmmm..go figure :) (sorry, sometimes I cannot resist)

See you next Monday and Happy Selling!!

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