New PayPal Option can lower fees

PayPal has introduced a new pricing structure for those accounts who typically sell lower priced merchandise.

The new method reduces the per transaction cost, but increases the percentages. If most of your items are under $10.00, you can realize a significant savings.

2 Responses to “New PayPal Option can lower fees”

  1. Lorando Says:

    Guess what else you can get with Paypal use? Per Paypal’s recent amendments, you can now get your funds withheld from you for 20-180 days at Paypal’s “sole discretion”! You can also receive unlimited chargebacks against your accounts (with NO way to protect yourself) and acount freezes, which prevent you from accessing monies in your account. To learn more, go to ebay’s own pages at and read ebay Discussions “Feedback”, “Paypal” and “Seller Central”. Please be aware that ebay severely censors their discussions, so what you will see there is only a smal fraction of the problems connected to the use of Paypal (owned by ebay). Also, before deciding to use Paypal, PLEASE search the internet for “Paypal Scams” and “Paypal Rip Offs”.

    “Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe CEO”


  2. Adam Says:

    Paypal is like a banking system where you can open ur account like saving, current and many more it provide you free opening of account e-check and so on