eBay Changes – 10/27 Monday Morning Recap

The announcements coming from eBay this week are more about tweaking a few items, than the grand sweeping changes of the past few months. I’m hoping for our sellers that the mentality of “leave things alone for the holiday season” has finally arrived at eBay.

On October  21st eBay announced the new Paperless Payments requirement. You will need to accept PayPal or ProPay . As long as you have one of these options selected, you will have  no trouble with your listings. eBay will no longer display Checks or Money Orders as an option, relists with these options will not fail as eBay will just ignore them. Additionally, if you have any text in your Auction Ads that reference checks or money orders, you have until January 14th to remove that text from your listings

In the past eBay stated that they would suspend sellers who had a 4.3 or lower DSR rating in ANY of their ratings, but they have changed that to 4.1. Now, who have any DSR between 4.1 and 4.3 while be allowed to list, will have their items demoted in search.

For those sellers who have between a 4.1 and 4.3 DSR rating in one or more of their DSR ratings – you will definitely need to increase your ratings or your account will likely be suspended at some point. Here are a few ideas to help you increase your DSRs if you fall into that “at-risk” bucket:

1. List in Auction Format (you may use Buy It Now) – Since you are demoted in search results, ending soonest and newest in the Auction Format offers the best opportunity for your items to be seen. Unless you have rare items, low DSR ratings will put you at the bottom of Best Match search.
2. Only list items where you can offer Free Shipping. Because you are in the “at-risk” bucket, you cannot list items that have high shipping costs without the risk of further low DSRs. If you want to move the needle, you will need to offer free shipping.
3. Ship your item out immediately upon payment. If the item has not cleared PayPal, consider shipping ahead of time (weigh the risk factors – sending before cleared payment vs. low DSR for shipping time). You may wish to consider listing items where your cost is low.
4. Check and answer questions quickly. Make sure you are very specific when buyers are asking about shipping and accommodate buyer requests if at all possible.
5. Review your existing complaints and determine the root cause of the low DSRs and look at ways to ameliorate the issues. For instance, if you are a furniture seller who has high shipping cost – look for methods to help buyers understand the costs. Think about picking up the phone, calling the buyer when you ship the item and letting them know it’s on the way, and explain your shipping charges, for example.

eBay has also announced that when a seller has offered free shipping, eBay will display an onsite reminder that the seller offered free shipping to the buyer when they are leaving DSRs

Feedback Revision also went live this week. If anyone uses this, I’d like to know if it allows the buyer to revise their DSR ratings when they are going through the revision process, or if its limited to just Feedback comments. You are allowed 5 revision requests per 1000 transactions, so it might be best to make sure you have resolved any issue and the buyer is on board with changing their ratings prior to sending requests.

As always, Happy Selling!

One Response to “eBay Changes – 10/27 Monday Morning Recap”

  1. Chris Says:

    Some buyers are notorious for leaving NEGS and giving a 0 rating despite what you do especially with the new ebay feedback system. I had one leave me a NEG almost three months after a sale, the person never contacted me. It was a “printers proof” Etching which she claimed “you forgot to number it you CON!” I explained that I do not alter the prints and Printers Proofs are not normally numbered, limited editions are. She would not reply to me. I offered a refund as well considering the fact she didn’t have the knowledge of what she won. BTW it was a $1 auction. In any case the neg and the 0 DSR screwed me up, I opened a new account. You can bet if you get a NEG, they are evil enough to give you all 0 DSR. Check out http://www.suspended-from-ebay.com
    DSR is one thing to add to the unfairness, now we can get suspended for having a low DSR when most people lowest score is shipping cost! Are we to take blame for the cost of shipping now??