Amazon Windowshop Beta – Not a Rave Review

Amazon has introduce a new shopping mode – Windowshop

Amazon frequently deals itself a good hand. Examples off the top of my head are Kindle, AmazonMP3 and the sticky customer shipping service, Amazon Prime.

However, I have to vote this a missed deal. First, turning on the sound will have sound blaring out at you before you’ve had a chance to absorb the picture, which is completely and totally annoying. Navigation is performed with your arrow keys – So if you happen to stop on a book, they start reading before you can absorb the books title and determine if you want to hear more. Additionally, all product types are mashed together. Thus if you are shopping for new releases in DVD, you’ll have to arrow past a plethora of book and music categories.

I’d love to know what you think about this new beta feature – maybe its ME that missing the brilliance here!

6 Responses to “Amazon Windowshop Beta – Not a Rave Review”

  1. Henrietta Says:

    I checked this out from your Tweet and I hated it. It made me feel car sick just sitting in my chair at the computer. I am sure it is conceptually aimed at the 13 – 20 age group although the product selection was broader based. The sound did not bother me, I surf with sound muted as a matter of habit.
    I shop on Amazon a lot, buy gift certificates for the grandchildren to choose their own gifts, this offering would not motivate me to spend more at all.

  2. Henrietta Says:

    I should have added that it was an incredible burden on my operating system, dumped huge temp files and would probably not work on dial up at all

  3. Marsha Collier Says:

    I don’t care who it’s aimed at, I’m not likely to shop in this format. I like sound when I want to hear it – not when Amazon decides to deliver it.

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  6. marsha collier Says:

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