eBay Changes – 11/03 Monday Morning Recap

There were quite a few changes at eBay again this week. However, these seem less impactful to day-to-day seller operations than in the past weeks.

On October 28th, there were two security updates. The first, “trusted seller with identity confirmation” takes aim at account take-over’s by identifying the computer (s) a seller is working from, and if a seller is working from his normal computer, placing an automated call to the seller. I’d love to know how this works for travelers. Sellers who travel may wish to make their cell phone their main number in their eBay account.

The second security announcement is probably irrelevant to new sellers, but a thorn in the side of older sellers who remember rampant shill bidding. Bidder information on listings has been made anonymous. eBay has indicated that shill bidding is very small problem, but there is no longer a way for an individual to detect a shill bidding pattern, making any shill bidding completely an eBay responsibility vs. a community problem.

On October 30th, eBay announced a new program for ProStores.  This new Pay-Per-Sale program adds an optional commission-based method to drive traffic to your store. For a minimum “bid” of 8% of your sales, traffic will be drive to your Pro-Store. Only items that come from eBay-driven traffic will be subject to the bid commission.

After reading everything on the ProStore site, I’m left with quite a few questions.

1.    Since the minimum is 8%, will sellers bidding higher receive additional traffic?
2.    Where is eBay driven traffic coming from? Is it eBay’s search or traffic sellers could have generated themselves? (i.e. Google product feed?)
3.    If the traffic is coming from the eBay main site, how is it being generated (banners, listings, keywords?)
4.    Is the commission in addition to the existing commission (thus for the small store 9.5%)
I’m sure all the answers will be made clear over time.

PayPal also announced that they would be increasing seller and buyer protection. In a nutshell, all buyers’ transactions costs will be covered, including shipping and handling for items that are not received or significantly not as described. From the seller side, all eBay sellers have additional protections against unauthorized use, items not received claims, chargeback’s and reversals. Additionally, sellers can now ship to any address listed on the transaction details page. As in all money matters, there are terms and conditions – make sure you spend some time reading the user agreement to understand all the details.

And that wraps up another Monday Morning Recap!

Happy Selling!!

3 Responses to “eBay Changes – 11/03 Monday Morning Recap”

  1. Patricia013 Says:

    Don’t kid yourselves – there is STILL rampant shill bidding. Ebay chose to hid it behind hidden bidder ID’s. If you don’t see the problem…it doesn’t exist!

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    Good post. I am looking into these issues on my blog….

  3. baron Says:

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