eBay Announcements can be hit and miss

There was a recent Auctionbytes article about PayPal eChecks not being released to the seller. This glitch was on ongoing issue beginning in Mid-October and fixed the first week in November.
In some cases this created problems for sellers as buyer did not receive their merchandise in a timely manner, left negatives and/or bad DSRs. Yesterday, in a follow up Auctionbytes article, eBay said it would remove negative feedback and DSRs for affected transactions.

eBay does a very good job in dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s when it comes to rolling out new policies. You get little people pictures and long pre-written posts – sometimes even FAQs and helpful tips. For the DSRs release, there was enough information fill a small room. However, eBay seems to have taken a step backwards in letting customers know about system problems. eChecks not clearing was a big deal to both buyers and sellers and not a whisper on the General or System Announcements boards.

It’s hard enough getting sellers to keep up with the announcements – We are seeing sellers who don’t know about the shipping caps in media categories that eBay has instituted, which WAS announced.
By not putting this information out on the eBay boards, it teaches sellers that the place to get information is elsewhere – which is not a good thing for sellers OR buyers. In the case of the uncleared PayPal eChecks, sellers could have pointed buyers to the announcement and eliminated a lot of buyer anger over not receiving merchandise in a timely manner.

Hopefully, eBay will begin using the System Announcement board the same way it uses the General Announcement board, to give in-depth information that buyers and sellers need in a timely manner.

Here’s hoping!!

2 Responses to “eBay Announcements can be hit and miss”

  1. Cyn Says:

    ” and fixed the first week in November.” Hmmm…if it was fixed, why did I just receive the notorious “claim your funds” email today? I had thought I was one of the lucky ones who avoided this glitch. Sigh….

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