eBay Changes – 11/08 Monday Morning Recap

The announcements from eBay are getting really thin (are you doing the happy dance?). With holiday season in full swing, it’s very exciting nice to see eBay is taking a break from major changes.

In this week, was a message from Greg Fant regarding eBay’s Holiday Marketing, includes cash back from Microsoft Live Search and an offer from eBay MasterCard for up to $30.00 cash back as well.

Some shoppers will also find coupons on their My eBay page – with eBay distributing millions of coupons – this should attract some additional sales (and they work when using Vendio Checkout).

eBay also related some information a few marketing campaigns that are off-eBay announcing radio spots in major cities and the running of eBay ads on popular internet sites.

Daily Deal, a Woot-esqe type deal that will be available for immediate purchase. This limited quantity, deep discount item will be available daily by 3pm EST. Shoppers will also find thousands of the latest electronics all starting at $1.00, with no reserve and free shipping. Additionally, from November 24th to December 8th, there will be $1.00 Door buster deals- limited quantities of two different items at a fixed-price of $1 and one surprise luxury item, also at a fixed-price of $1.

It seems that shopping is going to be exciting at eBay this holiday season and I know it will translate into many additional sales for sellers, however all the promotions are all about price. Hopefully the price shoppers will stick around and find the unique and rare items that can be found on eBay every day, all year long.

Another item I’d like to mention that is not so positive is that I find getting to the second page in the search a bit onerous. I’d love to see eBay move “buy elsewhere” advertisements below the pagination. It seems a tad bit schizophrenic to send everyone off eBay to shop when they are doing all the above promotions to get them to shop on eBay.

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