Should you use eBay AdCommerce?

There won’t be a Monday Morning Recap this week. There is only one eBay change –the calm during the holidays is really great for Sellers  The condensed version is that it is eBay has introduce AdCommerce (which is eBay Keywords revamped – Pay per click advertising). I’ll most definitely note the irony in the fact that keywords function like an auction (not fixed price). The highest bidder gets the exposure (hmm – interesting concept).

Here are a few items to note:

1.      It’s a closed system – you can promote your eBay listings or store only – no outside eBay websites.
2.      You will be charged based on your bid when someone clicks on your ad.
3.      AdCommerce provides campaign tools so there is a lot of help along the way to assist you in determining how to run your Ad.
4.      You will get real time reports charting how your Ad is doing.

I smiled a bit when I read the TOS (Terms of Service), because I know sellers and I know eBay and that list is far too short and does not have near enough explanation – and we’re going to start seeing sellers push the envelope on this one.

Possible reasons for ad restrictions may include, but are not entirely limited to, the following:

* overly repetitive terms, characters, or symbols;
* excessive or unusual use of punctuation, characters, or character arrangements;
* inappropriate or irrelevant terms or messages;
* any terms or messages which are otherwise deemed inappropriate by our editorial staff

If anyone is thinking about trying out Ad Commence, I recommend you do it now. It’s likely you can get in pretty cheaply as there is limited competition. If you have low DSRs and are invisible in Fixed Price, this may be a way for you to get back in the game – so don’t discount AdCommerce just because it’s another “eBay Price Increase”. It could be beneficial if you are not getting seen today – and remember, its new, so for now, there is not a lot of toes in the water.

Happy Selling!!

3 Responses to “Should you use eBay AdCommerce?”

  1. Dan Caplan Says:

    I am trying it and my biggest complaint is that there is no way to see if a click-through culminates in a sale. I’m sure ebay did this on purpose.

    The good thing is that it is cheap (until lots of similar sellers start bidding up the words)

    My click-throughs are only 3 cents for now. Same word is about 20 cents (for 5-6th place) on Google Adwords


  2. Gail Says:

    “If you have low DSRs and are invisible in Fixed Price, this may be a way for you to get back in the game…”

    Did you read ALL of the Terms of Service?

    “Who is eligible?”
    “AdCommerce is currently being made available to most eBay sellers who wish to advertise their eBay stores or items. You are eligible if you have a “standard” or “raised” standing in Best Match searches. eBay sellers with “lowered” standing are currently ineligible for the program.”

  3. crystalwells-miller Says:

    Hi Gail,
    Thanks for the comment. You are absolutely correct. I did mean low in the sense of folks trying to increase their score. Not for those users who were ranked as lowered in the Seller Dashboard. I could have been so much clearer!!