Quick Tips and Tricks for the Online Seller

Wanted to deviate a bit from the norm here and just share just a few items I’ve accumulated in the “want to share, but not enough to make a big deal about file”.

Excel Tip – Do you create your own SKUs (Inventory numbers)?
Quickest method – lead with a letter when creating your first SKU in a cell (example a101). Hold your mouse over the corner of the cell until a + sign appears. Right click and drag down. Let go. Eureka..instant SKUs. If you want to create SKUs without a leading letter, hold down control and repeat steps above.

Excel Tip – Need to paste information from eBay?
Copy the data (invoice, listings) and use “paste special”, and select Unicode text. This will keep all the items from ending up in one cell.

Word Tip – Do you find you use the same text repeatedly in emails?
Use word to help you organize your responses. Name and save your emails into word. For example: Buyer wants Feedback. Highlight the name you’ve created for your email and select Header one. When it comes time to answer an email, turn on document map (view>document map) and select the email you want to send from the left navigation pane and paste into your email. I found using this method was faster and provided quicker editing than saving email templates for every responses.

Cool eBay Links
Where is my item?
How many items are for sale in your category?
What are eBay fees (not a cool link, but one I have trouble finding whenever I need it)

We would LOVE love to hear your tips and tricks!!

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