eBay Monday Morning Recap – 50% off Auction Listings

Monday and Tuesday is a great time to list in the auction format this week – You’ll get 50% off Auction Style Listing fees. I think this is the first listing sale that is tied to DSRs.
You’ll have to have at least a 4.5 in your DSRs or be a new seller without DSRs.

Interesting Blog post from Tamebay on the eBay UK Homepage! Each time I see a change to the UK, I wonder how long before it hits US. It does not always happen, but it happens enough to warrant keeping an eye on it.

The MyeBay page has been totally changed and the old MyeBay will be phased out on January 20th.  So if you are one of the 10% that do not use the new MyeBay, you should probably set aside some time to learn the new page.

Another item to note is that the traffic on eBay seems to be in decline. According to this auctionbytes article, traffic is down 30% from this time last year. It would be great if the buyer traffic was more efficient (i.e. finding faster). I have a feeling that it is not the case and it is just declining.

On a personal note, all my Christmas shopping is going to be done online this year. I’ve gotten to the point where it is just not fun to go out and battle the crowds. For those of you braving Black Friday, be sure to check out Dealio’s Black Friday Shopping Deals – and better yet, if you want to stay home and join me in “not-the-mall”,  Dealio has the the Cyber Monday shopping deals all in one neat package!!

Happy Selling!

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    Yay, thanks for the plug :)