Small Items of Interest from the eBay World

It has been very quiet in the eBay universe. The announcement board remains relatively quiet and restful.

I’ve found some interesting tidbits that I did not know before, so am sharing.

1. A neutral is still counted as a negative in Seller Performance (it’s just not counted in the dashboard view).

I did not know this. I made the assumption when eBay stopped counting the neutral as a negative, that it reverted to the way it used to be. Apparently, a neutral is still counted as a negative for seller performance.

2. PayPal is testing a Student Account.

I wondered if this had eBay implications. So I went looking on eBay to find this out and here is the current help answer:

“When eBay members agree to buy or sell items, they are entering into contracts with each other. Throughout most of the world, individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter such contracts. For that reason, eBay does not allow individuals to register as members until they reach the age of 18.”

3. There is a new  law regarding Children’s Product Safety –

I’m sure we’ll see some eBay rules as a result.

4. New Postal Rates are going into effect in January

I still have penny stamps from the last increase.

5. eBay has a Police Blotter Page

This page was very interesting, a bit disconcerting, but interesting.

So, how many of the above did you know?

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