Holiday Selling Tips You Can Use Now

Just wanted to share a few holiday selling tips for the remainder of the season.

1. Consider the last date you can ship and think about offering expedited shipping to extend your holiday selling season and to assist your customers.

2. Offer free shipping. It gets you more exposure in eBay search results, and buyers are searching for sellers who offer it.

3. List your items as three-day auctions. This will give you additional opportunity to sell more items.

4. Make sure the keywords and the categories for your listings are optimized. Vendio Research can help you determine both.

5. If you accept coupons from MS Live Search and eBay, let your customers know. Consumers are more price sensitive than ever.
6. Run a clearance sale to attract more customers and to reduce end of year inventory. This can be done now, not just the last week of the year.

7. Get items ready to launch for after the Holiday. eBay typically holds a listing sale between Christmas and New Years, so have your items ready to launch.

8. Email your customers to wish them a happy holiday season. This increases their loyalty, and you can use the opportunity to inform them about sales and offers. If you do not have a customer list, there is no time better than now to start one.

9. Make sure you list your items properly to avoid having them buried in eBay search results. eBay has recently made changes that can result in poor search result positioning. For more specifics about how these changes affect you, click here.

We look forward to getting your feedback on these tips, and wish you the very best this holiday season.

Happy Selling !!

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