eBay Monday Morning Recap – Too Quiet

The announcements board is devoid of changes, and I know that this is the holiday change hiatus. I don’t know about anyone else, but this quiet from eBay is a bit disconcerting. I can’t help but feel its the calm before the storm.

Despite the quiet there were some very interesting items this week.

Auctionbytes Interview with Griff
Great interview with a lot of insight

Skip McGraths introduction of Geezers
You can’t help but get fuzzy feeling about this one

John Donahue quotes by Genuine Seller
Very interesting and telling

eBayInk eBay in Washington – Price Fixing

There does seem to be some confusion around eBay changes. Here are the top 3 things that I’m seeing.

1. Many sellers are confused about their DSR Ratings and why they change day to day.
DSRs are rolling, including only the last 30 days – thus a seller will see a lot of ups and downs.
(Rolling = Roller Coaster)

2. Sellers who only ship once a week are not going to make it.
DSRs for sellers who ship once each week are plummeting. Seller’s who rely on this method will have to rethink their shipping and determine how they can ship more frequently. (Sellers can also count on very low DSRs if their gift item doesn’t make it in time, even through postal error or delays)

3. Sellers who have multiples or unlimited quantity of items are launching many multiple fixed price listings.
It is much better to have less listings of the same item. Sales from your items are counted in your recent sale score and you’ll lose future visibility by splitting up your listings.

Happy Selling!!

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