no longer accepting BillMeLater in 2009!

The eBay and fight continues….

As most now know, eBay/PayPal acquired BillMeLater earlier this year to augment their growing payments business (and likely to head off a potential competitor before it got too large).

At the time of the acquisition, BillMeLater was an integrated payment method at announced today in Seller Central, however, that they will no longer support this payment method.


Notice: BillMeLater no longer accepted as of December 31, 2008
Dec 30, 2008

Effective December 31st, 2008, BillMeLater (BML) will no longer be accepted as a payment method on All sales and orders processed with BillMeLater prior to this date will continue to be processed; no changes are needed for these existing orders. Buyers and sellers can continue to use the remaining payment methods available on for future orders. _______________________________________________________________________________

While we assume eBay equally assumed this removal would occur when contemplating the acquisition, the real question is the amount of payment volume, customer acquisition, and brand awareness this relationship drove to BillMeLater.  Also, note the speedy removal of BillMeLater and short notice period.  It’s possible eBay could have assumed a bit more of a tailwind depending on the contractual terms between and BillMeLater.

Expect continued innovations, maneuvers, and fighting for transaction and payment volume between these two eCommerce giants in 2009!

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