Saturation in the eBay Book Category?

In an article about listing volume, auctionbytes reported the change in listings by category from January to December of 2008. The largest growth category was books, which grew 486.33% – which is a huge increase in the number of listings.

So I was a bit curious as to the conversion rate in books. Using Vendio Research (category research), I ran a 90-day category report on Fiction Books and Non-Fiction Books, which are the largest leaf-level categories in books. Fiction books fared a bit better with a 16% conversion rate, while Non-Fiction books came in at 11%.

Of all the book categories, cookbooks garnered the highest percentage of conversion with 33% conversion but it had the least number of listings. I’m not sure what it all proves, except that the book category may have hit a saturation point and that eBay definitely needs more book buyers for the insertion fee paying sellers in the over-populated book categories.

One Response to “Saturation in the eBay Book Category?”

  1. Empires Says:

    It’s not surprising that ebay is waking up late on this issue. Or have they? They reduce pricing to flood an area that is already flooded. Are they trying to be Amazon? I think it’s a little late. Next move for ebay is to get rid of store listings. Another stake in the heart of sellers/buyers/ebay.

    Books/Magazine Back Issues is so generalized now that even ebay has lost control of it in their searches, listings, and more.