Do you Twitter? Try Twibler for eBay Listings

First, we want to point out if you are on twitter, you can find Vendio at

For eBay sellers who use Twitter, you might want to check out twibler.
Twibler automatically posts your new eBay listings to your Twitter account.
It’s a simple and easy way to begin a foray into social media or expand on your current activities without a lot of effort.

If you are a current twitter user and have a following already, you may wish to create a separate account just for the twibler listings. Since all your listings will be posted (there are no filters as to what will be posted yet), you may lose subscribers if you inundate them with eBay postings (doubly important for large volume listers)

However, setting up a secondary twitter account is very quick.
In your main account where you have existing followers, post an occasional link your twibler account, as well as retweet any important listings that you do want your entire following to view.

All in all, it’s a great tool, but use caution when mixing the chat/blog aspect with the list of eBay items for sale. You will definitely want to keep a separate account if you have a lot of listings and enjoy using twitter to connect with your friends and associates.

One Response to “Do you Twitter? Try Twibler for eBay Listings”

  1. John Says:

    Hey, there have been MANY discussions about this tool both positive (few) and negative ( this Twibler thing. The problem I have identified is that there is NO THROTTLE and as such is get annoying quickly.

    This has been known to get many blocked from followers on Twitter, because who whats your 1000′s of listings clogging up their Twitter cue?

    My personal opinion? Stay away unless you have established that this is what your audience is following you for. Just my 2 cents…

    John (ColderICE)