Tips on responding to a negative eBay customer

I keep hearing how eBay buyers are more difficult than website or other site buyers. It may be true. I do get more questions from eBay buyers and they do seem more demanding at times.

Here are few tips for keeping your sanity

Completely ignore any name-calling – If a customer calls you names (dumb or stupid, thief, crook, etc). Ignore it and pretend it does not exist. Respond to their question in a calm and professional manner. Just because your customer has sank to name-calling does not mean that you have to respond in kind. Report profanity to eBay, but follow the same rule of not responding in kind.
When wrong, Apologize – Nothing diffuses an angry customer like a heartfelt apology. If you make a mistake don’t hesitate to admit it and apologize. There is nothing wrong with admitting an error. We all make them.
Fix the Problem – Replace or refund if the problem was your fault. If you believe that its buyer’s remorse, then attempt to work out a compromise, such as a partial refund or exchange.
Consider the cost – Being right can be extremely costly. When the customer holds the cards, refusing a refund of replacement can be more costly than writing off the expense. Consider the possibility to negative feedback or low DSRs. Many fees and promotions are based on eBay DSRs and slipping only a few points can put your entire account at risk.
Set a Policy – One of the best things you can do for yourself to reduce stress over unhappy customers is to develop a policy on how you handle situations and keep some email templates on hand to help you deal with common issues, such as late shipping or item not arrived.
Don’t Continue a Bad Argument – Don’t continue a back and forth heated email exchange. A few emails should be all it takes to resolve any issue. If it continues past that, it is likely there will be no resolution and you should stop before it continues to escalate.

And one final thought…When you are the buyer, remember how you want to be treated as a seller.

2 Responses to “Tips on responding to a negative eBay customer”

  1. Helen Says:

    This is good, sound advice. Whenever I encounter issues on eBay as a buyer, I always try to remember what’s been effective in getting the best customer service when I am a seller.

  2. emerchant Says:

    I am a small merchant using ebay. Fortunately I have Not got any serious issues with my buyers.May be with increase in Number of buyers.. such problems may arise.
    However,Your advice is worth taking, May be some day I and Others need it.