Answering (and Asking) eBay Questions

A few questions came across my desk this week that I thought were worth sharing. Questions changed to remove personal info.
Q. My Item is not getting indexed on eBay..Why?
I’ve seen this come up a few times where a seller using a (-) in their title is not having their item indexed. For example: Roseville Vase – Circa 1910 – Magnolia
It may be a fluke that I’ve seen reported, or it may be that eBay is reading the (-) as negatives. So if you do have titles where you use a dash, please check to make sure your item is indexed..and let us know (either way)! (A quick way to find your item is to use “where is my item” from the eBay site map)

Q. Buy-It-Now is supposed to disappear after it gets a bid. It only seems to disappear on some of my items, why?
Buy It Now is designed to disappear either with the first bid *or* when the showing high bid reaches 50% of the Buy It Now price. For more reading

Q. I opened a PayPal Dispute, what happens if the seller never responds? Is it automatically decided in my favor?
The seller has 10 days to respond. If they fail to respond or the item doesn’t show as delivered, you will win the dispute. You should get your PayPal refund a week or so later.

Q. Why do my DSRs change day to day if I’ve gotten no feedback?
DSRs are calculated on a rolling 30 day average. Thus as old DSRs roll off, the score fluctuate.

Q. Why is my DSR different on my Feedback Page than on the Seller Dashboard?
Feedback displays the DSRs for the year and the Seller Dashboard shows it for the last 30 days.

And now here’s a question for your input.

Q. A new eBay buyer has overbid on an item and has not responded to any emails in the last 3 days.  The listing has 50 watchers, but no other bidders. The item ends in 24 hours.

Do you cancel the bid?

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