A Note About Free Online Stores by Vendio

We’ve received some really great feedback about the new Vendio Stores.  There have been some questions/comments regarding a credit charge “charge” and I wanted to nip them in bud.  Vendio Stores are 100% free. There are no listing fees, no image hosting fees, no domain fees and no final value fees.  You may be asking yourself, if that’s the case, then why is Vendio asking for a credit card?

We ask for a credit card to verify your identity and to prevent fraud.  You may see what appears to be a charge on your credit card for $12.95.  This is a pre-authorization that we use to verify that the credit card is not fraudulent.  No funds will be taken from your account and your card will not be charged.

Questions?  Just drop a comment below.

3 Responses to “A Note About Free Online Stores by Vendio”

  1. Bill Says:

    Why do we need to fill in a form to see a demo of a free service? That seems like a unreasonable hurdle and one I’m not terribly interested in getting over.

  2. RivieraTrade Says:


    I do not see any relation between a “pre charge” of 13$ and fraud preventing. I do not like to send away my credit card number (as lots of pple), that’s why PayPal and other payment methods are so common thru the web. Maybe I would continue with the registry if I can send my paypal account instead of my credit card number.

    Best Regards,

  3. crystalwells-miller Says:

    @Bill – For two reasons: first, we are still in beta mode so we’re interested in interacting with as many prospective customers as possible in order to answer questions/concerns in real-time. Second, we are in the process of creating an online demo so that folks such as yourself can watch and then decide if our Platform is the right choice. Thanks for your input.

    @RivieraTrade – If you submitted PayPal information, the process would essentially be the same. We need to verify that the person registering is indeed who they say they are. As with all free products, you can attract a lot of good – but also, some not so good. The last thing we’d want is for someone to create a free store, complete sales & for those sales to be fraudulent. With the credit card information – we can at least trace it back to a contact information.