Customizing the Vendio Platform

With the launch of the new Vendio Platform, we wanted to do a series of blog posts that help explain some areas of the Vendio Platform in order to get the most out of your service.
Today, we’re going to talk “gears”.

A Gear defined by our friend Miriam:
a mechanism that performs a specific function in a complete machine <steering gear> (2): a toothed wheel (3): working relation, position, order, or adjustment <got her career in gear> (4): a level or pace of functioning <kicked their performance into high gear> b: one of two or more adjustments of a transmission (as of a bicycle or motor vehicle) that determine mechanical advantage, relative speed, and direction of travel

There are gears (called “view options”) that you will find throughout the new Vendio Platform that are all of the things defined above.

Many pages within the Platform have a gear on the top right navigation bar.

When you click on the gear, it will open a list of optional fields allowing you to choose which fields you want to have displayed. In the below image, for example, you can choose which items to display on your Create Items page, which in essence allows you to create your own custom listing form based upon your business needs.

Select the items you want to be visible by placing a check the box beside the items, and select save. Clicking on the gear button again will close optional field selection box.

This customization concept is carried throughout the Vendio Platform – allowing you to customize what you view and how you use the various pages.

The gear button is a bit of a departure from a standard listing form that is “set in stone”. The Vendio Platform allows you to customize based upon your business needs and saves you time by and not making you wade through areas that do not fit your needs.  If you never use “Subtitles”, there is no need to clutter your workspace or if you only use them occasionally, you can simply click on the gear, and add it to that particular listing.

Simply put, the gear button provides you with complete control over your own workspace and allows you the flexibility to change any item on-the-fly.

Happy Selling!!

4 Responses to “Customizing the Vendio Platform”

  1. Jeff Stannard Says:

    Are there customizable attributes? Like shirt size (s,m,l,xl) that a buyer can select?

  2. crystalwells-miller Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    While we do have custom fields and labels that you can use to search your item – Using them as attributes will be in a future release. We have heard this request and it is part of the future planning.

  3. Steven Farrar Says:

    I’ve got a great idea for the vendio store. Include a Best Offer option button, beside the price (user option of course). In our case, we like ebay, as it moves product, and if our built in base already knew that there was ‘no’ auction component, that they ‘had’ to either buy it or put in an offer, they would use that more often, I do believe. thanks

  4. Gaston Greenwood Says:

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