Building your FREE Vendio Store

I’ve had a lot of questions about what “FREE” Vendio Store costs. So let me clear that up right off the bat. FREE actually does mean FREE. No catch. I’ve actually gotten a lot emails where people are asking me, “how much are the image fees”, or “how much are final value fees” – so to be super clear – The Vendio Store is 100% FREE. There are no image fees for Store Items. There is no Final Value Fees (Success Fees) for Store Items. There are no listing fees for Store Items. There are no hosting fees for Stores (and YES, you can use your own domain). In other words – FREE means free.<–really Today, we’ll take your through building your Store. The Store Designer is located under Items (Items>Store Designer) and there are four sections to help you get started in building your Store:
The Free Online Store Builder is where you create the FRAME of your store (vs. entering items, which is done under Items>Create Items).

Your Store URL and Status
Select the name of your store, unless you want to use your own domain (Use “Your Store Hosting” section to use your own domain). Set your store visibility (store is visible, store is not visible). We recommend that you have the store not visible until you have completed your set up and have some items available for purchase.

Your Store Template
Choose your basic template. These are customizable and you can change elements and colors when you enter “customize your store”.

Your Store Hosting
Use this section if you have your own domain. Easy to follow installation instructions provide even the novice with the ability to host your Vendio Store on your own domain.

What does this really mean?
When you host on Vendio the URL of your store shows as

When you host on your own domain, the URL of the store is your domain as:

Customize Your Store
Click on the Customize Store Button to bring up the Store Editor.

..Arriving at the Store Editor
All the elements with the red dashes around them can be moved. You’ll want to create a layout that fits your business needs. Play around moving items until you are happy with the results.

Under Templates, you can select a new template, change colors or fonts, and once you are happy with your selections, select “SAVE”.

You have now built your store!! Congratulations!!

We’ll keep the blog posts on the new FREE Vendio Store coming. Next up, we’ll talk more on how to customize your store, how to add pages, logos, categories, Google analytics and SEO and more.

2 Responses to “Building your FREE Vendio Store”

  1. Marsha Collier Says:

    er, so if I get you right, you’re saying it’s free?

    Great idea, I’m sure it will be a success for you and many online sellers.

  2. Ado Says:

    I want this!