Saving and Publishing Your Vendio Store

When you are working with design, you want to be confident that you can make mistakes that are not publicly visible.

There is a setting under Store Designer that determines if your store is publicity visible or not publicity visible. This is handy to have when you are designing your store as you will know if you have set your store to “not publicity visible” that you can make the occasional creative faux pas and no one will ever see that you had lime green font on a shocking pink background.

Save will save your work and you can have multiple versions saved, which can be restored at anytime. So go ahead and experiment! You won’t lose previous versions.

When you are customizing your store you have a few additional options – Save and Publish.

Selecting “Publish” will publish your changes. However, when you do select “publish” and have the option “not publicly visible” selected, your published changed will ONLY be visible to you. These changes can be previewed by selecting “Preview”.

We hope this helps you feel more confident about making mistakes and you can enjoy playing around a bit with your designs and customization. Happy Selling!!

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