Speculation About eBays Upcoming Announcement

Tomorrow eBay is expected to make an announcement about upcoming changes. Recently, eBay changed how they roll out changes by limiting large (seller impact) changes to 2 times per year.

Merchants are speculating over the upcoming eBay Announcement. Here are a few interesting speculations (and some are definitely wishful thinking):

  • No more listing fees
  • Increase in listing fees
  • Substantial increase in final value fees for small merchants
  • Elimination of eBay Stores
  • Shopping cart changes
  • More catalog items
  • Item specific changes
  • New Power seller requirements
  • New Search
  • Removal of Best Match
  • Removal of DSRs
  • Required returns
  • No more blocked bidders
  • More category shipping limits
  • Whatever the changes, it will sure be interesting to read the merchant reaction and see how many of these predictions come true.

    Feel free to add your predictions!!

    7 Responses to “Speculation About eBays Upcoming Announcement”

    1. Powerhouse Says:

      Mandatory shipping through their new shipping service: eWay.

    2. Powerhouse Says:

      I will post my next prediction: They are moving their entire operations to India due to the failing California and U.S. economy.

    3. LdyGreensleeves Says:

      What I hope and what they’ll do are probably two very different things. ;)

      Let’s see… hmm… how about they’re going go back to the way they used to do business and let sellers run their business as they feel they should.. you know.. be “just a venue”. (Okay so that’s probably just a nice fairy tale but I can hope for happily every after can’t I? ;-) )

      As for an every so slightly more realistic prediction (or wishful thinking) … how about Donovan’s leaving and turning the reins over to someone who actually LIKES auctions and the “flea market” appeal that eBay had going for it over their bigger competition. :-D

    4. Tempest Says:

      Forced Free Shipping

    5. Hazel Says:

      Doing away with auctions in favor of fixed price listings, ultimately to get rid of store too, so it will just be a fixed price selling place like amazon. With maybe a roll out later of an “auction only ” site, for folks who liked “old” ebay. (Cuz that’s WHAT ebay is about.)

      I figure if they need a Q&A board for the change, it’s gotta be something that will rock ebayers world…..probably NOT in a good way……..but heck, after the changes of late, maybe I’m just being a pessimist!

    6. Trish Says:

      Flat rate listing fees based on number of items ie. 1-10 items=$1
      Higher FVF’s.
      Omit eBay stores and instead use fixed listings.
      Longer timeframe to adjust/revise any new changes.
      Time ending soonest as default search.
      Free automatic premade templates with picture widgets.
      Will allow buyers to use money orders/cashier checks.
      Omit positive, neutral, negative feedback.
      Allow buyers to write a review only on product bought.
      Omit DSR ratings.
      Require sellers to fully refund on return policy.
      Require sellers to use confirmation tracking on all sales.
      Put in place a “NEW” search and a “USED” search.

    7. Steve Says:

      So what do you make of this by Ina


      and now this by Scot Wingo


      Someone at vendio, may want to post on the AB blog, as someone from CA, Auctiva, & Infopia have posted re: the article that mentions Vendio.