The Challenge in Naming an Online Store

When you have your own domain, the naming of your store has already been done and that’s a challenging mental exercise that’s already complete. If you want Vendio to host your store for you, then you’ll need to come up with a name for your store.

There are quite a few ways to determine the name of your store; you can make up a store name by inventing a new word (Antiqueaicious), by using your name (BradsAntiques) or by combining words (AntiqueHill), for example.

When naming your store, think about the image you are trying to portray. Do you sell an eclectic mix or do you carry a product line? What are you trying to convey? And what do you want the first impression to be. You’ll likely want a logo with your store name, so think about how your store name will look in a logo. If you’ve created the right name, you should be able to picture a logo (it’s hard to picture a logo for a boring name or something too cute) and make sure that mental picture fits your business.

Try not to make your store name too long. “incrediblyamazingantiquesthatyoumusthaverightnowatbargainprices” might be a tad bit long.

And one other tip, when using multiple names, make sure that you view them as one word with no capitals which is how they will be displayed. Think Experts Exchange – it sounds like an excellent business name until viewed in URL form.

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