Using Google Checkout for your Vendio store

I’ve seen a few questions come across about how to add and use Google checkout in your Vendio store.

The set up for the Google checkout is located under Preferences>Items

First, you want to make sure that your items CAN be sold through Google checkout – Spend a few minutes reading through the unacceptable items list if you have any doubts about your eligibility.

To get started, you will first want to register or have a Google Checkout account – then paste in the Merchant ID and Merchant Key that is provided by Google.

Now, you’ll need to “connect” your Vendio and Google account. In your Google account, you will need to check the XML option and paste in the URL provided in your Vendio Preferences section.

The last step is to check the box to “Add Google Checkout Button”, which will add the Google Checkout to your Vendio Store items.

It might sound “complex”, but it is very simple to add and only has a few one-time steps.

Happy Selling !!

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