Vendio looking for YOUR nomination for eBay Star Developer Awards

Every year, eBay has the eBay Star Developer Awards; and this year, we’re asking you for your nomination. Here is why….

When we look back at all the development that we have done over the years, the new Vendio Platform is the culmination of all that gained knowledge and experience. Every single time we talk to an eBay seller, invariably they talk about how hard listing has become, and they are looking for ways and methods to spend less time on this time consuming and onerous task.

We often here the lament of “I remember the old eBay one-page listing form when I could list twice or three times as much and it was so much easier”.

We’ve seen the evolution of simple to complex, from easy to intimidating; and we took all that knowledge and just poured it ALL into the new Vendio Platform.

When it comes to listing, each and every seller is completely different. There are 100 different ways to list a single product; different prices, different categories, different marketing features, and so on. With your help, we rose to the challenge of solving the individual needs, taking what we learned, your comments and viewpoints and created the new Vendio Platform.

So here are just 5 of the many great reasons to nominate Vendio for Rapid Evolution:

1.    Create Items is completely customizable. Open the gear button to add or remove any field that you want or don’t want. Never use subtitle? Get it out of your way (If you ever DO want it – with one click you can put it back). The listing form becomes your personal customized selling engine. No need to EVER scroll past field after field after field that you don’t use.

2.    Profiles are Reusable – Profiles are reusable data sets, let me explain this concept by example: I use 2 different shipping profiles. One is for normal items where I offer USPS Media and Priority, and the other, a profile I named “heavy items” that also offers UPS. Now when creating items, my default is normal, but if I do have a heavy item all I have to do is select “heavy items” from my drop down. Vendio has 7 different profile types for eBay including payment, tax, shipping, policies, eBay market, and eBay launch. Most times, you’ll use your default, so listing becomes lightening fast and a one-click selection from a drop down for those corner case listings.

3.    Item and Sales Views are Customizable – Again, we’ve carried the concept of customization into your items page (My Items – where all your items live), and Post Sale (Orders – where all your sales live). Using the gear button again, only keep fields you want to see on the pages. And even more customization is available as you can move your columns around – so if you want the SKU first, put it first – if you want the title first, put it first instead, and so on. Set it up the way you want, to see what you want.

4.    Find and Replace makes changing data fast – This handy function allows you to utilize a Find and Replace to change your items. Let’s say you wanted to take all your items that were $25.00 and make them $24.99 – using Find and Replace you can do this. One of my personal mistakes is when I created 250 ads where I misspelled Silver (I left out the “L”) – Find and Replace allowed me to find titles with “siver” and replace them with “Silver”. It’s a true time-saver for those of us less than perfect the first time.

5.    Copy makes listing similar items incredibly fast – This gem makes it a snap to list similar items because you get to choose how many copies to make. If I’m listing 50 State Charms, with the only difference being an image and title, I can make 50 copies then quickly make my minor changes and they are done.

So, these are just a few of the reasons we think we should receive eBay Star Developer Award and ask that you nominate us. Here is how you do it – Click HERE and follow the instructions about mid-page. They do ask for our contact info so for reference :

Vendio Services, Inc.
2800 Campus Drive
Suite 150
San Mateo, CA 94403
(650) 293.3500

All of us at Vendio thank you very much in advance for your nomination!!

You do have until May 15th, but why wait?? Take a few minutes and nominate us today!! And if you have ANY questions, please drop us a line at

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