Overcoming the eBay Barrier to Re-Entry

Ever week it seems I run into people who face the “eBay has changed” wall. They are typically sellers who understand the basics of eBay, but have not sold in awhile. They have been away for a few years and don’t understand the impact of all the changes or even what to pay attention too!

First, don’t panic. It will take awhile to re-adjust but you are not starting from scratch. You understand the basic concepts and it’s the choices you need to make before you list that may cause some consternation.

So, here is what you will want to know

1. Paper payments are no longer allowed. Get a PayPal account and don’t use terms like money order or checks in your auctions.

2. DSRs are Detailed Seller Ratings and they impact how or IF your items are seen. Think of DSRs as expanded feedback. You have to maintain a 4.3 DSR so this means you need to communicate and ship cheap (or free) and fast.

3. List in auctions, not fixed price. The default search for fixed price items are based on DSRs (which you won’t have) and a carry forward Best Match “score” (you won’t have these either). Meaning when you sell multiple items in the same fixed price listing, you get a “score” for each item sold” – the more you sell the higher you rank in the fixed price search results. Thus, since you have no DSRs and no carry forward score, you’ll need to list in auctions, which are still sorted by time ending soonest.

4. Offer Free Shipping – eBay has offered incentives to sellers who offer free shipping by giving them more exposure (which you will need) and even reduced fees for power sellers, so you will be competing with many others who are offering free shipping. Until you get going again, build the cost of shipping into your opening bid and offer free shipping – if at ALL possible.

5. Set a Return Policy – You’ll need to specify a return policy. Since again, you are re-entering the field and want great DSRs, you might, at first, want a liberal return policy.

Now, there are a lot of other changes, but the above should help you begin to get re-started and you should visit the eBay Announcements board and read up on the changes since you last listed – I’m sure you’ll be back in the saddle in no time!!

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