Vendio Research is NOT Search – It is Results

I have an unproven suspicion that most folks think of research in the same way they think of eBay search – you type in a few keywords and hope you get “close”. For a research product, this is just not an accurate method.

Vendio Research offers the unique ability to create two completely different search experiences – and knowing which to use can be a real time saver and help get accurate results.

The Vendio default research is our “Smart Research”. This type of research is ideal for commodity and new items, and clusters the results – removing items not likely to be related to your keyword research. For example, if you are researching Apple iPods, you will not get results that include Apple iPod “cases” or “ear buds”, since these items, not related to your search will skew your results.

The alternative to Smart Research is the “Full Data Set”. This will return ALL results for your keyword research. Thus, when typing in Apple iPod, you WILL get all results that have Apple iPod in their title which will include the “cases” and “ear buds”. The Full Data set research is ideal for vintage, collectible and rarer items.

Once inside the results page, the navigation panel on the right can help you refine your results further and is the primary difference between the two types of Research.

Refinements for the Smart Research are predefined and you can click on these to refine your results. Conversely, when using Full Data Set, you can add additional exclude words, and refine by additional fields.

Thus the principal difference between Smart and Full Data Set is that Smart Research refines the results for you and presents you with any available options to refine your search and Full Data set lets you choose the options to refine.

The important thing to remember is that Vendio research is not “just a search” where you type in a few keywords and “hope” you get some useful information, it’s complete data research where you get the results you need.

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