Vendio’s Bailout Plan for Auctiva Sellers

If you’re an Auctiva seller feeling pinched by the dramatic fee increase and worried about having to decide whether to stay or switch on such short notice, then Vendio is here to help.

Introducing the Auctiva Seller Bailout Plan

Vendio will provide any Auctiva user switching to Vendio free access to the Vendio Platform for the rest of 2009 along with a guaranteed rate of just $10 per month for 2010.   Sellers will receive:

· The Vendio Platform, including a full-featured, branded, customizable free online store and free shopping cart

· eBay, Amazon and Google listing automation as well as item, order, and customer management in a single interface

· 2GB of image hosting at no extra charge (can be used as a standalone service).  Vendio Store images are always free!

· Vendio Gallery, the original eBay sliding gallery that cross-sells your eBay items

· Vendio Buyer Appreciation to increase buyer satisfaction and communication ratings

So, what does this mean?

For the rest of 2009, Auctiva sellers do not pay Vendio a dime to sell on eBay or Amazon (Vendio Store is a Free service generally).   In 2010, sellers will only pay $10 a month for a robust, multi-channel eCommerce solution.  We expect to continue providing the best value available to you in 2011 and beyond.

Get Started

1.  To take advantage of this offer, please click here to view the offer page and sign up for the Vendio Platform.

2.  After a quick registration, you can import existing items from eBay.

Have questions?  There are over 20 customer facing employees here to help you via e-mail, phone, or chat inquiries along the way.

Follow us on Twitter to continue hearing about Vendio activities and interacting with our team!

Thank you,

The Vendio Team

12 Responses to “Vendio’s Bailout Plan for Auctiva Sellers”

  1. John Ballard Says:

    Just signed up to leave Auctiva and bring my current listings and photos. Wondering how to import all my listings and photos from Auctiva to Vendio. Not a Vendio store but to the Vendio listing templates.
    Thanks for any help,

  2. Valerie Says:

    So will former Auctiva sellers not be paying the 1.95% listing commission to Vendio in 2009-2010?

  3. crystalwells-miller Says:

    Right now, we can import your listings/images from eBay. Import is located under “items>import. I’ll also email you more detailed instructions.

    You are correct. When you sign up using the link on the home page for Auctiva users, there are no success fees.

  4. Marian Says:

    I noticed on your website that it shows a commission charge on the final sale price. Is this being waived as well for 2009? thank you

  5. Vendio_Helen Says:

    @Marian – yes, the commission charge is waived for 2009 and 2010. Thanks!

  6. yvonne Says:

    I just came over from Auctiva tonight and tried to enable my ebay token but there was a glitch. I emailed cust service as instructed but haven’t heard from them. I can’t import my listings from ebay until I have a token, and I can’t start selling on ebay without the token. Somebody please help!

  7. Vendio_Helen Says:

    @yvonne – Please check your email.

  8. Beck Says:

    i have signed up right after this plan was offered. I am receiving billing statements that my free trial ends in two weeks. I have already sent my Auctiva info to Vendio right after this plan was offered also. Is there a glitch?


  9. Vendio_Helen Says:

    @Beck – please check your email. We need your Vendio username. Best, Helen

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    [...] If you’re an Auctiva customer seeking a better alternative, please check out our Bailout Plan for Auctiva Auctiva Sellers. [...]

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