Make the Switch to the Vendio Platform and Get Your FREE Store and More!

Apparently Auctiva changed their pricing yet again.  We may have to start an internal wager board here in the office on what the next change may be…. :)

We’ve seen an overwhelming demand for the Vendio Platform since its launch and an amazing response to our Special Auctiva Offer, so it’s not surprising Auctiva is scrambling.  While prices can be changed in a short period of time, it will take years for Auctiva to catch up to the service breadth Vendio offers.  If Auctiva felt they needed their previous pricing to enable any improvements in their services, you can imagine their plans will slow dramatically now, making it even more difficult to catch up (and we’re not slowing down!).  You can switch to the service leader today and save money when doing so!

If you are only using Auctiva for image hosting and the sliding gallery, switching to Vendio is a no-brainer choice:

  • FREE for 2009 (and buy yourself something nice with your $60 savings)
  • $10/month in 2010 for 2GB of images and no per listing image limits
  • Images for your FREE STORE are always FREE
  • Import your images to get started without any hassle
  • Advanced image management, bulk uploading, and more
  • Get the ORIGINAL sliding gallery FREE

If you are only selling on eBay today, get all the savings and benefits above PLUS:

  • Get Multiple eBay ID support
  • Create new phone orders on-the-fly to augment your eBay sales
  • Use Coupons to encourage repeat sales
  • Customize all the forms and tables to your needs!
  • Enable bulk find and replace for most item data
  • Advanced profiles for common data
  • Advanced schedule automation (FREE!)
  • Audit your post-sale fulfillment
  • Access to advanced eBay Market Research and Analytics

Most importantly, if you EVER want to sell on your own FREE hosted store or to the 75MM+ buyers on, you owe it to yourself to switch to Vendio now.  We are also winning customers from Channel Advisor onto the Vendio Platform with:

  • Access to a fully customizable hosted FREE Hosted Store (Auctiva charges $9.95 plus 5% FVF!–Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars!)
  • Access to millions of buyers
  • Single listing form for ALL channels. Auctiva talks about a “one-page Lister,” but Vendio’s single page lister includes your store, eBay, AND in one page that you can customize to your needs
  • Inventory control across all the sales channels to ensure you don’t oversell
  • Sales fulfillment management from all channels in a single process
  • Automated feeds to comparison shopping engines

Given this unique time, you have the opportunity to get access to a feature set that enables you to compete with anyone across channels for less than the price of eBay management elsewhere. This offer will not be available long and is worth taking advantage of today.

Thanks also to the folks who have already switched to Vendio for saying such nice things about us. We love to read how, “Everyone loves that drag and drop feature. That is HUGE and something you should promote to all of your prospective clients…This is REVOLUTIONARY for any seller who wants to sell on multiple venues, in an easy, cost efficient manner.”

And to hear, “I do love the new platform. It is a dream come true – seriously” was amazing.

We look forward to welcoming more and more new sellers coming onto the Vendio Platform and more nice comments to come.

3 Responses to “Make the Switch to the Vendio Platform and Get Your FREE Store and More!”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Hi I want to sign up for your vendio Platform offer:
    The Vendio Platform is FREE for the rest of 2009 and only $10/month for 2010.*

    How can I get the platform if I have signed up with Vendio a while back? When I attempt to sign up, it takes me into the My Vendio and none of the Platform features are available. Thank you in advance. Cindy

  2. Vendio_Helen Says:

    @cindy – You would need to contact our customer team. I’ve sent you an email :)

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