Vendio Platform Adds Store Directory

We want to update you on a link you might have seen on the Vendio Site (if you are one of those who like to find things before we announce them – and you know who you are!!). We’ve compiled a directory of Vendio Platform stores to aid you in SEO (search engine optimization). (And if you are curious, you can see what other are doing (or ahem..”not” doing) with their Vendio Stores.

By compiling this directory, Vendio Platform store owners can benefit from our SEO and they also get a back link which is great for YOUR store SEO (back links count!).

In other words, we’re sharing the benefits of our high SEO rank (which is really, really high) with the Vendio Store owners.

The directory is located on the Vendio site under our Education and Training Tab, and from the site map..(and while you are there, look around, you might find some interesting items).

And while I have you captured here, let’s chat about what YOU can do to improve SEO.

1. From Items>Store Manager make sure you have your Title, Description and Keywords entered.

2. When you create categories, also enter your description and keywords. Categories need love too!

3. Set up Google Product Search located under Channels>Comparison Shopping

These items can really assist in propelling your store traffic – which is what WE want for you..and what YOU want for you. There’s a lot of win/win here!

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