Vendio Platform Announcement: Ready, Set, Import

We are very excited to announce that Vendio Platform users can now import inventory in bulk from any spreadsheet (CSV format) to their account as well as from Amazon.

  • To import inventory from spreadsheet, all you need to do is download the spreadsheet template, prepare your inventory file to match it and upload it into your account.
  • To import inventory from Amazon, you simply need to provide your alphanumeric Amazon seller ID (instructions are available on the import page!)

View a screenshot, click here.

You can also apply existing selling profiles (shipping, payment, tax, policies) to incoming data so your items will be ready to go as soon as they are imported into Vendio.  You can even set items to be automatically available for sale in your Vendio store upon import.

These file import capabilities, in addition to our eBay import, means that regardless of where you sell or how much you sell, switching to Vendio is fast and easy.

And remember, the Vendio Platform includes a free online  store, Google Product Search distribution as well as item, order and customer management for FREE.  Whether you sell 10 or 10,000 items in your Vendio store – you’ll get free eCommerce web hosting, pay no image hosting fees, listing fees or success fees.  Import your entire inventory and sell it in a Vendio store for free!

If you’re interested in extending the Vendio Platform to marketplace such as eBay or Amazon, it’s just 10 bucks a month plus a small percentage of total sales.  We’re offering a free 60 Day trial and waiving our Amazon fees for the rest of 2009.

If you’re an Auctiva customer seeking a better alternative, please check out our Bailout Plan for Auctiva Auctiva Sellers.

There’s no reason not to join, so sign up today. Have questions?  Please leave a comment below or tweet them to us.

The Vendio Team

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