Vendio Extends Auctiva Bailout Plan to July 15

We’ve received an overwhelming response to Vendio’s Bailout Plan for Auctiva Sellers.  On top of this, we’ve also heard awesome feedback from customers who have switched from Auctiva to Vendio.

“Well first and foremost Vendio offered me a deal plain and simple! With Auctiva it was the free deal and then with almost no time to plan they switched to a fee based platform. I know that nothing is free forever, I can accept that.  That’s why I jumped at the offer to join Vendio. I can plan for the next year and half and know exactly what lies ahead of me.  While I am just a small time customer I do plan on increasing my sales and doing it with Vendio!  Thanks again Gary Kilduff ( isellstuffon )”

Therefore, first, we’d like to thank those of you who’ve made the switch.  We hope that the transition has been smooth and hey, by the way, did you notice that you also have a free online store to play with?

We also know that it’s the middle of summer and some of you may be busy with plans for the kids or taking a long, overdue vacation.  Perhaps you’re an Auctiva seller who hasn’t noticed that today (6/30) is the last day that Auctiva will remain free.  Have no fear, however, as we are extending our offer of “Free for 2009 and just $10/month in 2010″ until July 15th, 2009.

In an earlier blog post, we talked about why Vendio is a better choice for all types of sellers.  Here’s a recap:

Are you using Auctiva for image hosting and the sliding gallery? Here is why Vendio is a better choice:

  • FREE for 2009 (and buy yourself something nice with your $60 savings)
  • $10/month in 2010 for 2GB of images and no per listing image limits
  • Images for your FREE STORE are always FREE
  • Import your images to get started without any hassle
  • Advanced image management, bulk uploading, and more
  • Get the ORIGINAL sliding gallery FREE

Are you only selling on eBay?  Here is why Vendio is a better choice:

  • Get Multiple eBay ID support
  • Create new phone orders on-the-fly to augment your eBay sales
  • Use Coupons to encourage repeat sales
  • Customize all the forms and tables to your needs!
  • Enable bulk find and replace for most item data
  • Advanced profiles for common data
  • Advanced schedule automation (FREE!)
  • Audit your post-sale fulfillment
  • Access to advanced eBay Market Research and Analytics

Are you thinking about selling on Amazon or your own store?  Then Vendio is clearly the best choice.

  • Access to a fully customizable hosted FREE Hosted Store (Auctiva Commerce charges $9.95 plus 5% FVF!–Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars!)
  • Access to millions of buyers
  • Single listing form for ALL channels. Auctiva talks about a “one-page Lister,” but Vendio’s single page lister includes your store, eBay, AND in one page that you can customize to your needs
  • Inventory control across all the sales channels to ensure you don’t oversell
  • Sales fulfillment management from all channels in a single process
  • Automated feeds to comparison shopping engines

To sign up, click here.

Have questions?  Feel free to drop us a note.

We look forward to welcoming more new sellers coming onto the Vendio Platform.

Best regards,

The Vendio Team

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