Google Product Search Policies differ from eBay Policies

Not many people really pay much attention to the rules and policies of Google Product search and this omission could cost you a lot of sales.

Sellers saturated with rules from eBay may think that if their items are eBay compliant, then there should be no problem with Google Product search.

Well, that’s not necessarily the case. Take all capitals in a title – totally acceptable on eBay, but a no-no for Google Product search.

Another difference is duplicate content. eBay thrives on multiples of the same item. Google Product does not! Even from a completely different website as noted in this rule:

“We do not permit duplicate content in the same account or between multiple accounts. If content is available on multiple sites under the same ownership, one site must be chosen to exclusively submit that content. For example, if you own two websites that sell the same item, you may not submit that item for both sites, regardless of pricing or promotional differences.”

If you have Vendio store, make sure you have set up Google Product Search (Channels>Comparison Shopping Engines) to get exposure, but also make sure that you take a few minutes and read the Google Policies – While these are not all encompassing, it’s a one page document so it will be a quick read (compared to the few hours you would need to read eBay’s policies).

Happy Selling!!

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