Bad Buyers Do Not Bid

So, with the many eBay changes of the past few years, sellers have had to make revisions to their eBay listings countless times. For one-of-a-kind sellers or sellers who have limited SKUs, it’s a few minutes of extra work..but for others with many SKUs it’s time consuming and frustrating.

When eBay announced the recent upcoming changes, there was a small blurb under one section on Seller Policy that states: “Also, comments that undermine confidence in eBay sellers or misrepresent a seller vs. buyer’s responsibility in a transaction will not be allowed in listings.”

I cannot tell you if that means that eBay will be removing listings that have such statements as “Do not Bid if..” (I still see many listings with “I will leave negative feedback if..”), or what “exactly” they mean by undermining confidence in eBay sellers.

So, if you find that you have to edit your eBay listings for one reason or another, consider doing some or all of the following:

1. Remove any terms that have any negative connotation, such as “Do not bid”, “I won’t ship”, eBay makes me do x”, etc.
2. Use a white background for your images (this is not anything eBay requires (yet), however, it allows you to use your image on Amazon)
3. Don’t try and circumvent ANY eBay rules, such as “hinting your take checks or money orders).
4. Just the “facts”. Remove any text other than the facts about the item you are selling.
5. Put your company and/or personal messages on your About Me page (this could save future edits)
6. With the introduction of eBay product pages, you can see that eBay is going to streamline listings, so review your listings and create a description that is catelog-esque
7. Feedback. Don’t mention it, unless you have something positive to say. For example, don’t say “I leave feedback when feedback is left for me”. Yes, it’s not in eBay rules YET. Better yet, just don’t mention feedback (see #4). Make feedback discussion a part of AFTER the sale process.

If you start implementing these changes with all your edited listings, new listings, and relists, you will find that over a small amount of time you will have updated all your listings without having to spend hours or days editing.

Now, the above are ONLY recommendations. Your mileage may vary.

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