5 Strategies to Improve your Online Store Sales

For many years, and with very little effort, a seller could toss their items up on eBay with limited description and a blurry picture and it would sell.

Today’s brand of internet consumer is much pickier, and the success that eBay magically provided has gradually diminished. It now takes much more effort, much more knowledge, and much more patience to be an online merchant or an eBay seller.

There are things that can be done, but they take work.

Take the Vendio Stores for example. You can set up a store in minutes and have products for sale. But what then? Do you just sit back and hope someone finds you?

There are things that we have done, such as creating a directory to share our page ranking with our sellers. But it’s more about utilizing tools to help you become successful.

Building a business on the web is not just about adding items anymore. It’s about what you do AFTER your items are added. I cannot tell you how many folks think that if they add the items, their job is done; when in fact, adding items is only the beginning.

So here are some things you can do (and we’ll tell you how to do each of these things in your Vendio Store:

1. Your Store Title
Make sure you have a great descriptive title. Your title is more than just the name of your store. You title is the bolded section that appears in search engines.

Vendio Store: Enter your Store Title on Vendio under Store Info

2. Add Meta Keywords and Description
Meta Keywords and descriptions are how search engines find you. Using them correctly, can have you move to the head of the pack. Use them incorrectly, and you’ll find yourself falling behind. A rule of thumb is to use keywords and descriptions that ACCURATELY describe your store. If you sell Blue Widgets, don’t stick in White Widgets as a keyword if you do not have White Widgets.

Make sure you have the right keywords. Try out Google Keyword tool

Vendio store: Enter your Global Keywords and Descriptions under Store Info
Vendio store: Enter Category Specific Keywords and Descriptions under Store Editor

3. Google Analytics
Once you have your Store Title and your Meta Data, you’ll definitely want to make sure that your keywords are working. This is where Google Analytics comes in. You’ll want to know what work is paying off! Using Google Analytics will tell you what keywords are working for you.

Vendio Store: Enter Google Analytics under Store Editor>Advanced>Google Analytics

4. Create Additional Pages
Your store does not have to be all products for sale. Make sure you personalize and make it a good experience for the buyer. Are you an expert? Can you impart knowledge? Do you have a brick and mortar store?

Create “information” pages (and by the way, think of your keywords) that convey additional items of interest.

Vendio Store: Add New Pages form Store Editor>File>Create New Page

5. Write a good description
Remember in the intro, I told you that getting your item in your store was only the beginning? You might think that writing a good description is part of the getting the item in your store and that you have already done that. However, think keywords. Taking all of the information that you learned from the above steps, you might want to revisit your descriptions and make sure they have the right keywords (which is keywords that are driving traffic).

This is something you’ll probably want to review regularly.

Vendio store: To edit description: My Items>Edit

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