Vendio Launches Reviser Special Edition to Automatically Update Items for eBay Changes This Week

Later this week eBay will roll out Seller Release 2 (SR2). Although the SR2 release helps increase transparency and improve the transaction experience, many merchants aren’t in compliance with some of the new changes. In particular, handling times and return policies are required in all Good ‘Til Cancelled (GTC) listings. Millions of items could fail in the listing process from these new policies.

In response, Vendio is excited to introduce a Special Edition of the Vendio Reviser. This special edition has a ONE PAGE option for revising handling time and return policy. Simply sign up, set you eBay token (so we know who you are), select your handling time and add a return policy and we will bulk revise all your eligible eBay items.

The special edition is a flat-rate of $20.00 a month for unlimited revisions!! And it works no matter how or with who you listed your items!

As an added bonus, this offer includes the Vendio Reviser which allows you to revise your items three ways:

1. Bulk Revise Individual Items – revise up to 100 of your items which are displayed on one page (either in list format, filtered or searched by keyword), and you can make common revisions (including descriptions) from this one page. For instance, you can search all items with “DVD” in the title – make description edits on one page and click revise to submit your changes. There are many options to filter and search your items to bring up the items you wish to revise

2. Find and Replace – Find specific criteria and replace it. For instance, you could “find” all the items that have “BLUE” in the title and revise them “PERIWINKLE BLUE”. There are many find and replace fields that you could use to make revisions to your items.

3. Set Auto Reviser Rules – Auto Reviser rules lets you set strategies. Think of these as automatic revisions. For instance, you could reduce the price of your item by $1.00 every day until it sells, or you could change the category of your item after 3 days and so on.

Reviser provides many methods for you to enhance and edit your existing eligible eBay listings (in addition to allowing you to create specific strategies you design for you specific business requirements) and now with the Vendio Revise Special Edition, you can bulk revise your handling time and return policy in one easy step.

PLEASE NOTE: If you use Vendio to list your items, good news! We are automatically updating your handling time and return policy!

Also, If you are already an existing Vendio customer who does not use Vendio to list your items, please contact customer service to have this special addition added to your account.

Sign Up for the Vendio Reviser Special Edition

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