More eBay Acronyms

So, let’s say I want to send a TRS a BO for a FP BIN item and he accepts my low BO (even though his FVF is high) and it doesn’t arrive, do I file a INR? Of course, I’m not a NPB, but it all works out so I can leave good DSRs.

If you understood the above, read no further, you are an eBay maven!

I’m all for expediency by using acronym to cut down on the time it takes to type (or chat) something out. There are a few more acronyms that we’ll probably hear a lot about in the future and some new names for some new positioning.

Take Power Seller..That was a word we all “got”. It was easy and we didn’t feel the need to (for the most part) abbreviate with PS (which means something altogether different). Now we have TRS, which an acronym for Top-Rated Seller.

Here is a list of eBay (not general selling) acronyms, I’m sure there are more, so feel free to post yours

BO – Best Offer
FP – Fixed Price
BIN –Buy It Now
FVF – Final Value Fee
DSR – Detailed Seller Rating
TRS – Top Rated Seller
VERO – Verified registered owner
FB – Feedback
INR – Item Not Received
NARU – Not a Registered User
UID – Unpaid Item Dispute
NPS – Non Performing Seller
NPB – Non Paying Bidder
FP – Fixed Price OR FP30 Fixed Price 30

In closing, I will note that Best Match does not seem to have an acronym. Interesting…

Happy Selling!!

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